38 Weeks Today - Time for Reflection

38 Weeks Today - Time for Reflection

Hello everyone,

Thought I'd write a short reflective post since I'm 38 weeks and only have 2 weeks left of being pregnant (If I'm lucky lol). Time has really flown by and I've been so lucky not to have had any problems during pregnancy. Even now I hardly feel pregnant, apart from the baby moving I just feel like I've put on a bit of weight - which I don't think has helped me mentally prepare for a baby suddenly appearing! To be honest, my time spent being pregnant has been the happiest time of my life. Normally I have periods of feeling low every so often but I have felt really upbeat and happy since I've been pregnant and I hope it continues. I think that before I would focus and worry about things which weren't worth the energy. Having something as important as a baby to think about just puts things into perspective and so I haven't been dwelling on the small stuff. I'm feeling very patient, the baby can take as long as it wants I'm not in a rush yet! I'm feeling more nervous than excited at the moment, I'm not a baby or child person at all and that has been a worry throughout. I just hope I enjoy being a full time mum!

I've found this site invaluable and I'm so thankful to everyone who posts on here its just amazing to have so much support and advice available! It's been great reading everyone's birth stories and seeing so many cute babies :)


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  • So nice to hear a nice positive post about the last few weeks .glad things hav gone well for u. Now its one big waiting game. Time doesnt slow down. .my son is somehow 5 months tomorrow so make the most of this last bit of me time. Take care and gd luck for the big day xx

  • Hiya lovestar!

    The feeling & emotions you're going through right now are completely normal as this is the time that it really starts to settle in your brain you're going to be a mum.

    I know its easier said..... but try not to worry too much about how you'll cope once the baby arrives as once you see that Lil angelic face your maternal / motherly instinct will just kick in straight away almost like from nowhere.

    I'm a mother of 2 children & I'll never forget the overwhelming emotion I felt once they were born & given to me for the 1st time.

    As you'll soon find out Looking after a baby is the most demanding & challenging job we'll have as mothers but once you get into it it just becomes 2nd nature.

    All the best & can't wait to see your birth story.


  • What a lovely post - your dress is amazing! I hope the next few weeks go smoothly, looking forward to hearing about the new arrival! :-) x

  • Aww thanks :) The dress was a bargain from asda - £6 in a sale!

  • Lovely post! Your feelings about pregnancy sound a lot like mine first time - I suddenly felt really happy in my own skin in a way I never had before. And speaking as someone who had never felt comfortable with babies and children and worried how I would cope I can confirm that it is definitely possible to still feel completely crazy about your own when they are finally in your arms. All the best to you for a happy birthday when the time comes. x

  • Woohoo!! Not long to go :D brilliant feeling to know it'll all be happening soon :-) x

  • I agree, lovely post! Don't worry, I wasn't the maternal type and it just sort of fell into place when he showed up 10 weeks ago. I was also I characteristically chilled when pregnant. I'm sure it helped me during labour too. It has largely continued though I have had a few wobbles thanks to sleep deprivation! Xxx

  • Hi there :-) I'm 38 weeks+ 5 with my third and not far off either. I just wanted to say that I was not a baby person at all before I had my first baby 11 1/2 years ago (God I feel old!!) but somehow it all kicked in as soon as I saw her little face, even after the most horrendous labour. I cried my eyes out because she was so beautiful and she was mine and there after could not put her down or let anyone else care for her. She still is to this day my special child, my little mate, the one I pour my heart out to and share my secrets and deepest feelings with, the one who made me a stronger and better person. I'm sure you will be filled with all these feelings too when you see your baby so do not worry at all, you'll be a great mum and you'll love your child to bits :-) Good luck xx

  • Thanks everyone for such lovely replies!! It's good to hear that peoples maternal instinct kicked in and it sounds like you are all loving being mums! I will definitely post the birth story when it happens. I had a midwife appointment today, I've measured small throughout my pregnancy and today I was measuring 3 weeks small so I'm getting a scan on Thursday yippie! The last time I had a growth scan my husband was out of the country but this time he can be there what a treat seeing baby again before birth :) xx

  • Thanks so much for sharing how you're feeling right now! Such a positive post :-) You've just voiced my exact thoughts and feelings and I'm 10 weeks behind you! Am sure as all the mums have said your maternal instinct will just come naturally. Enjoy seeing your baby again and good luck with the last leg of pregnancy :-) xx

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