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35 + 6 contractions

Hi girls. On Friday at 35 + 2 I was having tightenings so phoned up the delivery suite. They had me in, came out yesterday at 35 + 5. My contractions were regular in hospital and went on the monitor lots of times. Baby is fine. They checked my cervix I'm 1 cm dilated. But because the contractions weren't regular I was sent home yesterday. I am still having contractions but one about 20 mins. Did anyone else have this? And how Long did it take for your baby to be born? I've had the steroid injections for babies lungs. Thanks :) xxx

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I was not exactly the same but had contractions on and off from 36 weeks. Midwife thought the baby was imminent in its arrival checked and I was 1cm dilated. By 38 weeks I was 2cm and by 40 weeks I was almost 3cm. When I had bouts of contractions they could be every 5 mins then taper off then later be further apart, then close together and really intense. I was back and forth to hospital for monitoring and was leaking fluid it turns out...though was told I wasn't at the time. I ended up having my baby at 41 weeks by emergency c section. x



Even though my daughter wasn't born until 39+4 wks of gestation I remember feeling quite regular contractions or tightenings from about wk 35-36 of pregnancy.

Just like yourself as they wasn't regular ( on a 10 to 5 mins) time i was told to take some paracetamol & relax.



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