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34+2 Diarrhea for 6 days :/

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Hiya, I was 34 weeks on Tuesday. Ive had bad diarrhea since Saturday initially I thought it was just a tummy bug but Im onto my 5th day now and it seems to be getting worse.

Im eating and drinking ok.. But every now and then (Im onto about my 10th toilet visit today) Im gettng bad gripey pains and passing smelly loose poo!

Ive read a few different things but any advice / similar experiences would be appreciated.

This is my 2nd baby.

1st deliverd emergency csect.. Hoping for vbac this time!

Baby head down but not engaged xx

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Hi AL88. First of all congratulations!! Secondly: how interesting: we are exactly at the same stage. I was 34 weeks on tuesday exactly as well.

Its my first pregnancy thou hun and I dont know wat to advice about how you've been feeling?! :( Did you not see a midwife this week? Did you tell them? Wat are they saying? I dont know if there is any connection of if its just a coincidence and I actually felt embaraced to mention to anyone but I have been having a lot of gas this week not to mention that I feel bloated all the time! Would it be for any specific reason?!

So is your due date 11/march? Overall have you been feeling ok? Where abouts do you live?

Hope all goes well for you


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AL88 in reply to Cris85

OMG I dont think I need to reply to your above post as I suppose everything youve had goin on with your body was preparation for labour.


Yes my due date is 11th March :) cant wait til shes here.

Enjoy your new baby!

All the best xxxxxx

Hi congratulations on ur pregnancy, right sorry any TMI in my post, but I feel your pain, for a few years before getting pregnant I was suffering with toilet problems (diarrhoea, bad stomach pains) and dr always palmed me off with it's gastroenteritis you've eaten something funny, always listened as I didn't know different, but when I was pregnant it came back with a vengeance, still again thought it was normal, after a few weeks saw the doctor who said the same thing and said couldn't give me anything due to being pregnant, so it came and went on and off by the time I was 32 weeks pregnant I had none stop diarrhoea and pains for 5 weeks! Sometimes even bleeding when I passed it so went to the doctors saw a completely different doctor she was very sympathetic and told me in no circumstances was this normal to have it for 5 weeks and asked me why I hadn't been sooner and I explained the above, so she referred me to the hosp, basically as I was pregnant they could only monitor my situation and give me steroids to try to relax it, to a degree it helped, few weeks after having my daughter I was booked in to have a camera up that way lol and after few scans Aswell it turns out I had Crohn's disease so I'm not saying this is what u have but please see a doctor! As having these issues for so many days definitely isn't normal I was told my pregnancy had flared it up or I'd of orpbably still to this day kept going back with 'gastroenteritis' so please see a doctor just to have ur mind put at rest x

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AL88 in reply to mrsturner17

Hi sorry for the late reply ive been working non stop.

I appreciate your advice however after my few days off I returned to work and the dreaded poops stopped. Still had the odd tummy cramp, and still am but Im not too worried now.

Hope your well :) xx

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mrsturner17 in reply to AL88

Ahh that's no problem it's just u can never be too careful glad to hear it's better and I'm good thank you :) x

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At 34 wks of pregnancy the baby may start to feel quite heavy so because of this the baby may also be putting pressure on your bowels which could be causing the diarrhea.

i have also given birth to my 2nd child ( 3 months ago) & i think i remember experiencing something similar as i thought my daughter was sitting quite low on my pelvic bone area from about 26-28 wks of pregnancy.

She thankfully didn't decide to come until 39+4 wks.

just keep eating & drinking alot of fluids & you should be fine.


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AL88 in reply to Hidden

Hiya Thanks for your comment. I agree that its probibly this little baby adding to the rest of my pregnancy ailments (nose bleeds, pressure on my bladder etc) & I think ive just a had a little bit of this tummy bug thats going round.

Its resolved now, getting the odd tummy cramp now and again but nothing to write home about.

Take care xx

You should see your doctor + talk to your midwife about it 6 days is to long. Good luck with your baby.

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AL88 in reply to Summerfield

Hi :)

I had mentioned it to my midwife on Wed and she said if it continued to speak to GP. Fortunately, I returned to work on Friday and it more or less stopped & apart from the odd tummy cramp Im feeling ok.

Every little 'symptom' makes me think 'is this it' lol xxxxx

I used to be like that with every pain I had. I used to be worried when the baby was not moving than it would move early in the morning when I'm trying to sleep. Hope everything goes ok for you.

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AL88 in reply to Summerfield

I was induced with my 1st only laboured a couple of hours b4 emergency csect so going into labour naturally is brand new to me (if it even happens) so Im new all over again lol.

Im going to try Raspberry leaf tea from 37 weeks and hopefully have a straight forward labour this time :)


I found the labour between my first + second really different I had 3 sweeps. I have been told raspberry tea do work but ever done it myself. My little girl is 3 weeks old now + 10 days late.

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AL88 in reply to Summerfield

Aww congrats :)xx


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