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Hi, I'm new to this site but I have a question about tiredness and work in pregnancy

I'm just over 12 weeks pregnant and getting sick in the evening but I'm just so tired all the time and cannot seem to function at the moment . My problem is my boss at work is so unsupportive , I never have sick days from work but I'm so tired that iI cannot concentrate at work. I told my boss and he just said pregnancy is not an illness and you need to sort yourself out and make the tiredness stop . I was appalled by this and went home sick and I now fell really stressed because of it as I have always been a good staff member . I even asked him if I could take a few days holiday but he wouldn't give me the days saying I need to give a full weeks notice . I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping they will sign me off . Has anyone had similar experience and will my gp sign me off?

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make ur tiredness stop? yeah...coz thats how it works in biology!! What a tool!

ur boss has to be as accomodating as possible while ur pregnant according to employment law. I had days off with extreme morning sickness as i couldnt keep down water when we had the heatwave and my bosses had it put on my record as a medical appointment rather than a sick day as I would need to be put on disciplinary action for the days off. If ur boss is being that much of a pillock, tell ur doctor that it is stressing u out and feel u could benefit from a few days off. U can self-cert urself for the first 3days and the doc has the power to provide u with a sickline for any further days off. Remember to hand in a self cert form aswell as ur doctors note to cover urself for the whole duration.

Hope u feel a bit brighter soon. Most women regain energy in the 2nd trimester so there is light ahead xx

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Hey congratulations. ..ahh I and many others kno how you feel. I was constantly sick for 9 months and made me feel awful. .looking back I wish I had gone to drs. yes if u explain to ur dr ur feeling low and stressed at work then yeh u can get signed off while ur there u shud ask for anti sickness tablets.

Ur boss sounds an arse..did u say anything bk to him..u shud of said its not something u can just turn off..does he not hav kids.

Is there anyone else that you cud tlk to at work tht might actually understand how you feel. I did start to feel more like myself at 17 weeks so hopefully tht will b same for u. X


Hello, and congratulations!

I think your GP should sign you off, especially if you explain that the pressure from work to ‘snap out of tiredness' is causing further stress. Maybe they will add that to the sick note, too.

I had fatigue in my first trimester. I'm 20 weeks tomorrow, and nowhere near as bad, thank god!

I don't know what your relationship to your boss is like, but he sounds like an utter wazzock. I'm phrasing that nicely, too. Try not to put yourself under stress just to please his fatcat ideals. No, pregnancy isn't an illness, BUT your body is going through a massive journey (and not in an X-Factor way), so be kind to yourself. If he makes any further comments regarding your ability to work and pregnancy, make sure to keep a note of them.

I hope you start to feel better soon X


Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!

Your boss has no right to be treating you like that NO WAY!!!! Tell your doctor the whole truth - tell him/her that your not sleeping at night due to the sickness and what your boss has said, they will probably offer you a sick note for a week or two to give you a break - and if not then ask! your pregnant and you now have many rights!!!

i didn't have a lot of sickness when i first became pregnant however now I'm closer to the end I'm shattered and struggling myself but have no shame in going sick when I need too and you should feel the same.

YOU and your bump are the most important people in the world right now and you have to look after yourself more than you ever have before!!!

Good luck at the doctors and take care of yourself!!! xx


Honestly, I cannot believe what an idiot your boss is!

As you're 12 weeks you should hopefully stop being quite so tired quite soon, but it is worth discussing with your midwife to make sure there is nothing wrong with your iron levels or anything else that could be contributing.

You absolutely should talk to your GP. I understand you feeling stressed by this, but it may be that you are signed off for being exhausted as a result of pregnancy rather than stress - you shouldn't feel like sickness as a result of pregnancy is a problems, at the end of the day you are not on top form and your Dr is best placed to advise you on this.

Your employer does have a responsibility towards you, and I think you should make sure you see both their maternity policy and sickness absence policy, if they have one. If it is a large employer they probably do. My employer does a maternity risk assessment each trimester where these issues can be discussed and raised.

Good luck, and I hope you start feeling better soon. As someone above said, your boss really is a wazzock.


Your boss is a disgrace. If I had been spoken to like that at work during my pregnancy, I honestly would not be able to type here what my response would have been. As mentioned above, often the beginning and end of pregnancy carry the most fatigue so hopefully you will pass this point soon. Your doctor should definitely be able to sign you off and a check over would be good anyway.

Sorry you have to put up with such a t**t of a boss.....it is because you have been such a good employee that he feels he can take you for granted x


Your bosses responce is absolutely outrageous!! Do you have a HR dept you can chat to? Or a union? Might be worth joining one if your boss continues to behave in this way!!!

Pregnancy effects people in different ways and while its not technically an illness you can feel pretty rotten and it can make you feel ill, tired, swollen (my anckles were ridiculous when I was preggers!!) and your boss should be sympathetic of this...oh and congrats on being pregnant!! :)


Wow your boss is a total knob. I work for a large company who even provide a room where people who are unwell or pregnant can take a nap, so they recognise how tired you get. In my 1st trimester I was in there most days!



Yay! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Isn't it lovely to have such an understanding boss?! Speak to your HR department or someone above your boss. You're not being unreasonable and you do have rights as a pregnant lady. Also speak to your GP and take the time off if he/she offers it. I was exhausted for the first 20 weeks, a few days off does wonders for you, both mentally and physically. Maybe ask your Dr to check your iron levels too, I didn't realise it but I had really low iron and my tiredness improved a fair bit once they put me on tablets. Hope you get your bosses attitude sorted soon and start to feel better x


I struggled in my first trimester, mainly with tiredness tho also some nausea. I was signed off for 4 weeks in the end - so 5 weeks off with the selfsign week first. I'm currently off for another week at the mo (sinusitis & perforated eardrum), and my boss & team are thankfully supportive. Take the time you need, no one will thank you for pushing too hard. Good Luck.


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