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Hello I am breastfeeding only my LO but I am getting really depressed I want her to have the best but from what I read I don't know what to eat anymore bevause some foods make colics so should I stop eating vegetables or only eat rice??? And also caffeine is not good but how am I supposed to go through the sleepless nights without falling down the stairs I don't know what to do anymore

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  • Hey. I don't breastfeed but can you maybe call your health visitor to send a breastfeeding advisor to visit you. That way you can get some extra support and advice. Also I know of ladies on here that attend breastfeeding cafes...maybe find out if they hold one in your area to need up with other breastfeeding mums and get advice and share experiences with them. I'm sure some of the ladies on here will be able to help you more than me lol :-) x

  • Hey. .the only foods I stayed away from in the early days is spicy food and fruit juices as they contain acid so I either drank squash..milk or tea. Don't stop eating veg, i think any baby can get colic regardless of how careful u eat. Now I eat whatever I want but as fattyboom says speak to a hv or go to a breastfeeding support group and they will b able to advise u x

  • I've been breastfeeding my little boy for 3 months now and found my diet to be trial and error. I have carried on eating all my usual foods. Some foods give him wind but it doesn't last and he's not usually very bothered by it. I've also continued to drink tea, but not too much. I've not found it to be too restrictive at all x

  • Hi! Well done for choosing to bf, you won't regret it it makes like a lot easier I promise you! I had to cut out certain veg and fruit as it gave my lo colic and green nappies but he grew out of it and now I can eat everything again. I continued to drink caffeine but only a couple of cups a day. It is very trial and error but try to remember that your baby will change constantly so if you have to give something up it won't be for too long. Good luck xxx

  • I've been bf my LO for 6 weeks and can't figure out any connection between what I eat and how he is. I've had veg, caffeine and even a bit of booze, and I've eaten really well and it hasn't made a jot of difference. He gets painful wind regardless! Not so bad as to be colic but requires a lot of jiggling round the room!

    Don't beat yourself up, you've got enough to deal with already! Xx

  • Morning, go easy on yourself. Breastfeeding is by no means the easy option, let alone when you try to follow all the advice in the world and best yourself up over it!

    I asked my health visitor, and did a little bit of research about diet when breastfeeding and there actually isn't any concrete evidence that eating certain things will affect baby - the problem is that mothers metabolise things differently and babies respond to things differently so take the advice with a pinch of salt. A sensible, balanced diet is the aim - certainly don't start cutting out whole food groups. When both of my babies were very little I found that eating very spicy food gave them horrible nappies so I laid off it for a couple of weeks - by about 3 months they are much tougher and handle the odd curry-milk! They're all different though. How old is baby?

    Limit caffeine but a bit is ok - I have 2 coffees a day.

    The national breastfeeding helpline is good for advice, and there are breastfeeding support groups all over the place if you need a little boost and a chat (I've never been to one but know ladies who find them


    Hope I haven't rambled too much - go easy on yourself I'm sure you're a brilliant job xx

  • Hey, well done for bf! It can be hard work especially in those first few weeeks where it seems and feels like baby is feeding all the time! It does get better. If you are feeling low I qwould give your health visitor a ring see if they can come and see you. Is there a local bf support group you can go to? Dont feel pressured into continuing bf if its not for you! Im sure your baby and family and friends would rather have a happy mummy! Xx

  • No one said breastfeeding was going to be easy! :D Seriously, you're doing a great job, take the advice you are given with a pinch of salt and work out what works for you. Remember everyone is different and every baby is different, so different foods will be processed by your body and your baby's in a different way to someone else's. Don't stress, stay calm. I remember being sleep deprived and really struggling with breastfeeding because my lo was Tongue tied, so at least you don't have that problem. The best advice someone gave me was, do what's right for you because a happy mummy makes a happy baby and ultimately that's the important thing. Do find a group of breastfeeding mummies and get them to support you, you're not on your own.

  • I have breast fed for coming up 6 months and have not changed my diet at all. Yea we had the odd green poo but my little boy has piled on the pounds. Never had problems with colic. Was in 91st centile at birth, now in 98th!! The breast feeding groups are good just give you that little bit more piece of mind xxx

  • I had to stop eating onions & garlic for a little while as I noticed my LO struggled more with his wind after eating them. However these things are hit & miss and what affected him one day may not affect him the next. I'm eating them again now & he's fine. I don't think diet makes much of a difference to be honest. If your baby has wind then he will probably still have wind regardless of what you eat! I do have decaff tea & coffee though & I don't have fizzy drinks but that's it.

  • I've been EBF for 7 weeks and haven't changed my diet at all! I've even started drinking coffee/small amount wine again that I didn't in pregnancy!

    My little boy slept through the night yesterday & is very content

    most of the time! He also ( touch wood) hasn't had colic!

    Just use common sense..! I really spicy curry probably isn't wise but if you eat it whilst pregnant then I'm sure your be fine!

    Can always speak to breast feeding helpline or consellor!

    Don't feel depressed :)

  • Completely agree with replies above. You're doing a fab job breastfeeding and it is much harder and time consuming than I could have imagined.

    Top tips would be breastfeeding support. There's no way I could have got through the last 11 weeks without it. Have a look at your local sure start centres and community centres to chat through with other mums, an absolute lifeline. And if you need to top up with a bit of formula now and again to get you through those dark times in the night, it's not the end of the world. Baby's need us to be happy. Good luck and keep the faith!!!

  • I know what you mean!

    It is sooooo irritating!

    Personally, I find it hard to cut down because I have a healthy diet. Last night my baby, 3 months old, cried all the time with wind and I have been suggested that it could be down to the tofu I had for my lunch.

    I just think we need to be patience :)

  • I agree with the other replies, it depends on you and your baby but don't cut out all veg, just try avoiding one food at a time to test. It is probably just your LO's tummy maturing.

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