My body hates me!

So it would appear my body is not particularly taking being pregnant well! I was admittedly a little smug that I hadn't really suffered sickness, but now at 15 weeks I am on day three of a horrific tension headache in the back of my head, can't move without pain, I have the worst dandruff I've ever head, giant flakes all over, I have started getting excema all over my arms and chest, and when I cough or sneeze from the rotten cold I have it would seem my pelvic floor muscles no longer meet as I keep leaking wee! Argh, I'm only 15 weeks, kinda hoped it would be nicer than this!! LOL!!

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I cant say pregnancy was knd to me either so I feel ur pain..I had really bad eczema in pregnancy too and my skin was like a lizards. My pelvic floor wasnt tremendous either as I was sick throughout and everyday when I was sick you guessed it I was leaking too. Giving birth was the best thing ever as everything went bk to normal although now am going through the whole post pregnancy losing of the hair which isnt fun. I hope u start to feel a bit better.. I also gpt headaches in pregnancy and when spoke to my optician he said ur eyes can change due to hormones so tht might explain the headaches. X

Pregnancy can really put you through the mill! My skin has been really sensitive - I haven't been able to go swimming or colour my hair, as I get a rash. Get onto the pelvic floor exercises, as that'll help. Hang in there! And yes, worth getting an eye test as my glasses prescription changed.

My skin has gone nuts too, I tore my legs to shreads the other day and it felt good until I stopped. Now I look like I've been attacked. I've felt sick/been sick from 6 weeks and now 25, and still can't brush my teeth well early mornings. Have tiddled myself once when being sick, man alive I felt sexy that day! It sucks, but so many people tell you it's so very worth it and this thought keeps me well as the hope that I can embarrass the crap out of them when they are older!!

Glad I'm not alone in having a moan! Lots of Sudocrem is helping, someone recommended e45 shampoo for the dandruff which I'll try, and I've set alarm alerts to remind me to squueeeeeze those pelvic floor muscles three times a day haha!

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