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How to stop that 5am wake up call

My LO has all of a sudden started waking at 5, which would be fine but he's still tired so im having to do everything to settle him including feeding ,cuddles to the dreaded pacing!Im very lucky that he goes to bed between 6 and 7pm however I need that extra hour till my alarm goes off and its go go go after that! Anyone got any tips/ideas xx

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Depends what age he is? If he's very young and sleeping through I would dream feed ( feed him while he is sleeping) at about 11pm . My little one started doing that about 4mths and I solved it by giving extra hungry baby milk and also starting on a tiny bit of baby rice mixed with milk as a 'meal' during the day. If he is very tiny tho don't give baby rice.


Hi sorry he is almost 8months breast fed and blw xx


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