I've just had a baby 10weeks ago and stupidly slept with my husband with no contraception from a few weeks after. On the implant now and just having what I assume to be my first period after birth but I've been in the worse pain I've felt (like early contraction but constant) constants a its all in my back I've been doubled over and when i stood up this fleashy thingg about 2cm long fell out it wasn't a blood clot as its light a fleashy. Could it be a misscarriage? (u previously lost a baby at 21weeks in 2012) and my period after him was 5weeka after birth and normal. This doesn't feel normal!

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Hi hun I really don't know what to say :-\ obv there is a chance of pregnancy and miscarriage but also pregnancy does strange things to our bodies. If it was a miscarriage a preg test should still be positive as im sure hcg will show up for a few weeks even after passing the pregnancy. Maybe its worth having a chat with your gp hun put your mind at ease xx

Oh my goodness, not a nice thing for you at all. As you said how painful it was and how it felt like a contraction I would say quite possibly a MC, I have experienced 2, last being Sept 12 and after days and days of pain, I had a contraction right before I passed. My only other though was maybe a bit of retained placenta that the body needed to deal with? Have you spoken to GP? EPU?

Where you/Are you breast feeding? As this can work as a contraception to 'some' extent. X

Havent and don't breast feed I wanted to but couldn't. I did have an appointment this morning but couldn't go. Who could a ring other than doctors to ask or would a pregnancy test still test tell me if I was pregnant or not? X

I know it sounds weird but do a pregnancy test if you really want to know. The pregnancy hormone from your 10 week old should be out of your system by now ( I would imagine). When I had a mc I was still testing positive on a Home pregnancy test up to 6 weeks after I had the bleed. If the test is negative then I would assume you are just getting really bad after pains. After my 3rd baby I had after pains up until 12 weeks after.

What about giving nhs direct a calll.see what they say xx

Hi... Hope every thing is ok !!!! Just to let you know.... When I had my first boy i breast feed him but didn't have any periods while breast feeding..... so didn't think I could get pregnant !! But 3 months after having him I was pregnant again lol and had another boy !!! So they are only 13 months apart ... So you can pregnant straight away .... All the best !!!!! X

Hi I agree with the other ladies on this one. I had a m/c in 2008 and the home test still tested positive for a good 6 weeks after. If you are worried go to your local walk in centre and explain to them they can test there and see or ring the 111 service as its called now and ask there advice if you don't want to wait until Monday to see your GP hope you get the answers you need hun

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