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4 month old having cold and cough.. Any home remedies?

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Hi Ladies,

My 4 month old had really bad cold and cough.. every time he sneezes or coughs, it breaks my heart! :-( .. had his third set of immunisation but the nurse asked to reschedule as my baby had a bit of a temperature too.. she said there isn't a proper medication for baby cough and cold apart from saline drops and baby calpol for fever.. my baby is feeding properly and has regular wet and soiled nappies as well.. But I just want something which can give my baby relief from runny nose and coughing.. Any Ideas about remedies?

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Wet towels on radiators to put moisture in the air ... think sneezing is their way of getting rid of snot but u can buy this tube thing that u can suck snot out with from boots.. nice Bath or run the shower and have them in the bathroom with the steam that's good and can use snuffle babe or boots do a vicks version from 3 months I think. Prop their cot up with books under one end of the feet of the cot so they are not laying completely flat hope he is better soon x

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Ahhh poor little mite it's awful! You can't do much for the cough but clearing the cold will certainly help.

Baby olbas is really good, few drops on babys bedding at night and waft a tissue round them throughout the day. I've never used them but saline nose drops are supposed to be really good to clear the congestion. But I found turning on the shower to the hottest setting and going in thd room with the door closed while it gets really steamy very effective


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If you haven't tried them I 100% recommend the sterile saline nose drops, they were excellent at helping to clear my 4 month olds nose and cold. Hope it's better soon xx

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My lo (3 mths) has been poorly over the festive period to and dr suggested the usually putting her in a steamy bathroom, calpol but the best advice she gave me was rub Vicks on the baby vest and also on her feet (on her baby grow) but don't put it directly on their skin, I also let her sniff my hand a bit before washing them. Her cough is still there but nowhere near as bad as it was and her breathing is much better. Hope your little one gets better soon xx

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Awwrrh poor thing

My daughter also has a bit of a cough & runny nose too and as they're so young there's not much we can give them but if your baby seems to develop a high temperature try giving him/her a bit of "calpol" I.E the small end of the medicine spoon.

As for the runny nose most "larger" pharmacies these days sell nose aspirators (it looks like a suction ball with a tube at the end) this & some saline nasel spray will help to clear the snot

Totally sympathise - we've had several colds with our 6 month old and we've found the following things helpful....

- Putting her cot at a bit of an angle (couple of books under the two legs at the head of the cot). A bit like propping yourself up on pillows as an adult

- Olbas oil for children - couple of drops sprinked on her sheet

- A boots electric vaporiser - this has been the single best thing & there are loads of great reviews on the boots website, so we're not the only ones to find this helpful. Having read lots of reviews, we went for this rather than a humidifier (vicks to them) as it sounded like you might get water running down the walls with a humidifier


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forgot that we've also found the saline drops really helpful at clearing blocked noses too. Was a bit surprised, but definitely seems to work

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