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Natural remedies for constipation please

Hi, I get really bad constipation which has been a problem for me for years and I've taken all different types of medication some that work and others that don't. The powder sachets are the only thing I can rely on to get things moving. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and I want to try more natural remedies. My Dr gave me lactulose but it's failed to work even though I make sure I drink lots of water, in fact it's the only thing that I can drink atm and I have a tall glass per hour so I know I'm getting plenty of water. I'm going to try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, dried prunes and prune juice. I'm going to cut out things like crisps, chocolate, etc I only have these maybe once a day but I think it would be good to replace these with something healthy like fruit instead. I'm going to try to eat more fibre like brown bread and bran flakes. I've covered everything I can think of. Is there anything else that I could try? I really want to do everything possible to help me as I do suffer badly with this and what ought to work and what does work for other people won't get things moving for me.

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Fybogel didn't work that well but I did take it with Lactolose... apparently honey is really good for constipation but I can't stand the stuff. .. also eat weetabix with plenty of Milk or all bran...I like syrup of figs...but towards the end of the pregnancy I had senna as it was so bad... but try honey and also prebiotic drinks like yacult if u want more natural approach hope it works for u :)



I'm sure you've pretty much covered about everything in your "to do / try" list there.

I'd say the most important one would be to try & keep as hydrated as possible with either water or if you have a blender at home you could try making some pure fruit juices at least that way you know exactly what's going in & does wonders for your bowel movements

( believe me tried, done & swear by)




Try switching to wholewheat pasta and rice. Also seeded bread. Flax seed is also very good - try sprinkling on cereals or in yoghurt



I had the same problem in my 1st pregnancy and am now having it again in my second although it did in part sort itself out by around week 25.

You can drink coffee in moderation and this helps me, as does fruity bran bread (I can't eat bran flakes when pregnant!),chilli in foods, a glass of a fruit smoothie a day, 'watery' fruit and natural yogurt on cereal. I also avoid foods like bread (no more than once a day) and bananas. My daughter could not have bananas for the first 20months as they just clogged her system up and she had to have fruit juice in her cereal even though she ate loads of fruit and veg.

For us it is a case of finding what foods to avoid as much as which to eat x


Activia Prune Yogurts worked for me, and drinking plenty of water and orange juice.


Hi, well I have been making changes to my diet. Eating fruit between meals, dried prunes with porridge, prune juice, more veg with dinners and still on 15ml lactulose 2 times a day and I'm pleased to tell you that it's starting to work! My stomach has been making strange grumbling noises and I passing more wind than usual but I'm hoping this will settle down soon. Thanks for all the replies x


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