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Still exhausted at 27 weeks

Hi all, I've been away from online for a while, enjoying the respite from throwing up and being tired... but I'm beginning to feel exhausted again. I'm currently at 27 weeks and 'Clumpy' is moving around day and night. I love to feel 'him/it/her' moving around, but it keeps on getting very old, when its 3am and hes doing gymnastics. Does it get easier? And is there anything practical I can do to help with the tiredness? For example: I went to Tesco yesterday and after about 40minutes I was totally and utterly shattered. I felt like I'd done a marathon or something.... I had to go home and rest before attempting to put the shopping away! Is this normal???

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Im afraid to say it's normal

as pregnancy goes on (in the later stages) you may find some "if not all" the symptoms you had in the early stages of pregnancy make a return in the last trimester.

if you don't already multivitamins such as "pregnacare" can help you to feel slightly better & more human at times.



I'm 35 weeks now and have to say the tiredness is back with a vengeance! Struggling to haul myself through each day, and so thankful I'm already on maternity leave. Short naps help, and don't feel guilty about resting if you need to. Hope it doesn't get too bad for you!

By the way, have you had your iron levels checked by your midwife? Should be a routine blood test as part of your care. Your tiredness is probably a perfectly normal part of being pregnant, but you may as well rule out low iron. Too luck!


Poor you. The one thing I would advise is get someone else to go to tesco or maybe shop online. Be kind to yourself lady!!


As Scoffcat recommends get your iron levels checked. I was feeling really tired this pregnancy during my second trimester so I increased the amount of red meat I ate and it really helped! Do nap when you get the chance as sleep at night gets more difficult and rest when you need to!


Snap ! I am 28 weeks. I did the food shopping and fell asleep in front of the tv for 2 hours- something I have not done before ! I guess its due to nearing the 3rd trimester and baby using energy to grow. I am just giving in to my body and do what I can when I feel like it


It is normal I'm 38 weeks. And I'm tired all the time I take my 7 year old school than come home + fall asleep. The baby moving don't get any easier mine moves + sometimes it do hurt me move when it's on my hip. I can't even walk up the road needing to sit down.


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