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On cilest for 10years and now wanting to start trying for a baby. How long will it take?

Myself and my partner are going to start trying for a baby in the new year, but I have been on the pill since I was 17 and im now 27. I came off cilest at the end of july/august cause I was on my period constantly for 12 wks. All sorted now, and not on any contraception at all. But still not having regular periods? The period im having now was 9 days late. We are not trying yet for this reason. But does anyone have any information on how long it could take for my periods to settle down and when in my cycle is a good time to start trying when they have. Thanks!!!!

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There is no harm in seeing ur g.p but ur periods may just be irregular now. .. mine were awful when i was about 19...i usedto bleed for 17 days have aweeks break and bled again...dr prescribed progesterone tablets they didn't work but i got pregnant but still bled For three months, but having a baby regulated my periods but they started becoming irregular again after 10 years....u have been on the pill for so long and ur body changes so much in 10 years but just because ur periods are irregular doesn't mean u can't get pregnant...drs don't usually start fertility checks til u have been trying for a year but I'd still pop along let them know that u want to start a family but ur periods are irregular.... I'd say u have been trying since July otherwise they may say try for a year first. ..depends on ur g.p... all the best :)


I didn't have irregular periods when I came off the pill. I too was on the pill for 10 years when I started trying and I was pregnant a week after I stopped taking them. Most of my friends on the pill for a long time conceived anywhere from 4 months to a year after starting to try. Everyone is different. Good luck trying :-) x


The key thing to remember here is that everyone is different & due to taking "the pill" for that long period of time could most likely take a few months to work its way out of your system.

During my early 20's (im now 33 yrs old) I used to get very painful & irregular periods so I was prescribed the pill for about 6 months.

When I decided to stop taking the pills I also found out that by changing my diet "slightly" also changed the way my body dealt with my periods & all was fine from then on.



hey thankyou for the advice, just woundering in what way you changed your diet to help your periods settle down? xx


Ur cycle Also may have changed..or it is just taking a while to settle down.. have a look at taking evening primrose oil heard it helps


evening primrose oil? what do i do with it? thanks for the advice xx


Definitely agree with the above in that everyone is different. I was on cilest too and the GP warned us it could take a year for my body to return to normal. I stopped my pill on 31st December and the date of my last period was 14th February and James is now nearly 3 weeks old.

I would definitely talk to your GP. Providing there is no medical reason why they think your cycle is irregular you might be able to start trying straight away. We used ovulation kits religiously to try track my cycle but didn't have a clear idea of cycle length by the time I was pregnant- it just meant that the dating scan was booked at my booking in appointment.

Hope things settle down for you and you are pregnant soon. Xxxx


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