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37/3 Grumpy with lack of appetite & diarrhoea, normal??

Hi I'm 37/3 and for the last say 2 weeks I have had a very short fuse with near enough everyone and everything, a lot is down to lack of sleep, being massively uncomfortable. I've had a fab pregnancy so far with no major problem which i have been glad of.

I'm on my own first baby and 37 years old, this is my parents first grandchild and my mother is driving me mad as she is becoming very overbearing and panicking that she is going to miss things. As much as I reassure her that she will have plenty of time once the ball starts rolling unless c.section in on the table she thinks that she needs to be by my side 24/7 over Xmas. I am being as calm as possible for my own sanity as it is all very scary but she is really getting on my nerves. But to be fair she is just one of the things aggravating me, so is it normal to be so on edge???

Also I had a fab appetite 3 meals a day but not just eating for the sake of it and lucky not to have put on any weight, now I know there is not much room in there but my appetite has diminished and everything I do eat is going straight through me, again is this normal????

Sorry for moaning but just a bit over it now feeling like this everyday!!! Xxx

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Poor you, know exactly how you feel. I had a big go at my OH the other day for wrapping up Christmas presents wrong...

With the sleep derivation, and the discomfort that has crept up on you, you just need to recognise and accept what is causing it. I presume you are going on mat leave shortly which should allow you to take things at a slightly slower pace. We tend to take things ot on those who we can get away with, your mum in your case. But, if you are sure that you don't want to be with your parents 24/7 over the Christmas period, then you need to focus on achieving this. I know I don't, I'll be a week overdue by then, and am using this as a perfect excuse to have the quietest christmas ever.

Eating will also change, I've been rubbish throughout at getting a meal in me, now it takes about half an hour to eat just a plate full of food, so that sounds normal. Not sure about things passsing thruogh you, so you need to mention that at your next appointment.

Take care


I hate to say it, but yeah! sounds pretty normal to me.

I remember feeling very similar around that time of the pregnancy & I "thankfully" went into labour at 39+4 wks

I know it's easier said than done but the best advice I could say would be just to stay as active & hydrated as possible as it can sort of take your mind away from feeling so low.

It sounds as if the baby is not far off so you never know "hopefully" by the beginning of next week it'll all be over.



Thanks ladies it's nice to know that I'm not going mad an it's again just a symptom from a journey that is nearly over xxx


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