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31+4 and discharge is really increased

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of u had similar. I've found that my discharge has doubled this week and its just normal discharge, no smell or anything so I'm guessing thats a plus for no infection. Its clear in colour too, and similar to what I'd have near my period, just more of it.

Especially getting closer and closer to the due date, I'm starting to, not so much panic, but get very anxious and my brain is constantly in distraction mode with no focus at all. I guess you could say I'm a little freaked out and little silly symptoms like this just fuels the fire so to speak xx

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Hi hun I pretty sure it very normal :-) obv unless your itchy or its a bit smelly I wouldn't worry xx try not to be anxious about the birth keep focused on the outcome :-D xxxxx


Hiya! Always double check with your midwife..

I think I was about 33 weeks when a similar thing began to happen to me, my knickers were 'wet' not really a discharge and when I asked my midwife she showed no concern. I made it to 40+2 and due to reduced fetal movements I went to hospital.

Luckily baby was fine (hes now 5!) but when they induced me and came to break my waters there was literally nothing to break, Id been leaking amniotic fluid for weeks and I ended up needing emergency c-sect and my baby was only 4lb10 born.xxxx


I think it sounds normal hun. If u r still worried then check in with midwife. Better for baby if you not worrying. And they won't mind, it's what theyre there for.


I wear panty liners during the day and pretty much change them every time I do a wee, to be honest. I used to get discharge before I was pregnant anyway (some of us just do!) and now Im 35 weeks there is definitely more. It doesn't smell and I don't have any infection. Just one of those things :)


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