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A VERY busy mummy indeed!

Hi ladies,

So I haven't being on here for a while & it seems as if Ive missed alot of info ( I feel withdrawn or something) :)

So since giving birth to my 2nd child (daughter) on the 5/11/13 I feel as if my hands are constantly full with doing something.

I don't want to sound "ungrateful" or anything but by the end of night im only fit for going straight to bed.

My 1st child (who is 5 yrs old) loves his Lil sister & it's beautiful to see them together as I think I can already tell he's going to be a bit "protective" of her

Im still exclusively breastfeeding & she seems to be quite content with it all (which is a blessing "trust me" )

she's absolutely great at settling in the day (at the moment) but becomes somewhat active & playful at night

In the back of my mind I know things will get better as the baby grows older but it's funny as now I look back at the time I had to myself I used to take for granted.

Anyway Im going to stop rambling on now, I hope you're all doing well.


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*waves* xx


Hi! Good to hear you're doing well. I had forgotten quite how knackering it is to have a little one to look after (probably not any easier as my 40th birthday is looming on the horizon). You do loose that freedom for a while but she'll be getting big before you know it!

It's lovely to see those family bonds grow. My girls dote on their new little brother and he's just started rewarding them with big smiles when they fuss over him :-)


Yeah its tiring indeed and wonderful how we forget that baby's do take up a lot of time. Try having three :-) we are reaching 5.5 months and we have a good routine now. I know when baby needs his naps and its bed time at 630-7 every night without fail. .... Any new moms reading this take note spend as much time for yourself now do what you want get your hair done spend time looking in the mirror cos believe me you will learn how to shower and dry our hair in ten minutes ;-)


Ive been having feelings like this too!! My lg is 4 months now. She's great in the day but active and awake at night. I don't get much sleep with having another child too. I never get time to myself and i long for it sometimes. But i wouldn't be without her. Keep strong, it wont be long before it gets easier i hope!!!


Thanks juju10

Its good to know when someone else is feeling the same. Just like you said I couldn't imagine being without her now though & cant wait for the day she grows out of it :-)



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