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Home birth experiences?

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So im 34 weeks tomorrow (absolutely crapping myself now) and am considering a homebirth although I don't know if I've left it to late?

I've let the midwife know throughout my pregnancy that a home birth is my preferred option but haven't been able to put the plan into action due to not having our own place yet... However that's now all changed and were due to move into our little nest on the 14th December which would then make me 36 +3 weeks pregnant.

Has anyone else chose a homebirth later on in pregnancy? And does a midwife come to your home before the birth to see what kind of space we have etc?

Sorry for the long post!!x

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Hi. Not 100% sure but i think you can change your mind and choose where and how to give birth at any time. As long as you're low risk. If you need to hire birthing pool or anything then prob best to arrange sooner than later.

Hi. Just stumbled across your post while on NHS website looking up something else. Set up an account as I just had to reply! You have definitely not left it too late. I didn't really start to plan for my homebirth until I was about 32 weeks. It is your choice and this is not dependent on you being low risk. Women have breech births, twin births etc. at home. I personally was birthing after a previous C-section so was also classed high risk. It will depend on your midwives experiences with home birth as to whether or not they are encouraging and eager to accommodate you or otherwise! The association for improvements in maternity services is a great source of info. if you have difficulties. I feel strongly that women should birth were they think they will feel safe and relaxed. It is more difficult to arrange the practicalities the later you leave it but you still have plenty of time at the moment. The midwives (6 or so in the team) came to visit me beforehand so that they knew where they would be going if they got a call in the middle of the night and so that I had met them all. Best wishes and don't be crapping it. Birth your way by Sheila Kitzinger I found to be a good book and childbirth without fear by Grantly Dick-Read.

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Aw thank you for setting up an account just to reply to my post :) ah that's good then, think I'll call my midwife tomorrow to try and get the ball rolling! Thanks again for your reply x

Never too late to opt for a homebirth, keep talking to your midwife and she will put in place anything that is needed at the appropriate time.

I chose my mind in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and opted for a birthing centre over the hospital. It was not a problem and turned out to be a really good decision. It was far more relaxed and quieter than the hospital and we had the whole place to ourselves that night!

I think you can choose at any time, definitely reccommend home birth - I've had 2. I didn't use a pool but had a long bath in early stages of labour both times, then moved about lots, breathing, wiggling etc to keep everything going in the right direction! Ended up having both leaning over the sofa, we put a tarpaulin over a mattress and old sheets/towels over that and the sofa, the midwives are great at clearing up quickly without fuss. You get their full attention which is different to friends who've been in hospital with busy midwives shared between several women in different rooms. Very peaceful and relaxing afterwards because you are in your own bed with your baby and partner, own bathroom, food you've chosen and no having to travel home while sore/bleeding. They come back with documents and to check you and baby, and our GP came the next day to do a full check on the babies, I felt well looked after. Good Luck x

I don't think it is to late to choose what you want. I would bear in mind how far away u r frm a hospital incase it doesn't go to plan especially if it is your first. My friend had a hb with her 2nd & said it was amazing but me after all thecomplications I have had with all 3 I like to know I have got medical staff on the pull of a cord.

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