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I was on the birth control and iron tablets and metformin

Hi just wondering I was on birth control for a month and iron tablets cause I had high cholesterol and metformin cause of pcos ive stuck tothe tablets daily and nightly and was on for a month and I stopped whie on it I got my periods and when I went of my periods are each month for 3 months but on my last one it was lighter and wasnt heavy or anything but I dont wanna get a pregnancy test cause I hate seeing negative but what do u think im unsure but on my last period I spewed and had bad spells of food that made me sphew and my back was aching but im unsaul any one experienced anything like this I think my periods are back to normal

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I had a light period at the beginning of my first pregnancy. I jst assumed it was a period so got my dates mixed up. The only way your gonna know is to take a test. No one likes seeing negative result but it's jst going to be on your mind.


I suffer from pcos and was on metformin and when I fell pregnant I had a light period then was late. Xxx


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