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Question 1 - Gagging all the time

My baby boy has since birth been gagging. At first told just wind, then result of a cold then over sensitive reflux. Have been complaining to HV every week about this and told every week is nothing to worry about. Finally when mum was here she asked the same question and HV then tells me should mention to gp!!! Don't know what difference in asking was as mum asked in same way and explained in same way I had been!

ANyway, he doesn't like lying on his back because its worse on his back. Is nothing to do with feeding as can happen anytime, and is worse through night when he's feeding less. Also his breathing can be quite bad with it. a few times has been a wheeze - which again we had said, or is breathless. Also is not sick with this gagging if does bring anything up is clear. My partner has asthma and know is really worried John is showing signs. Any ideas on what could be. Going to demand to see GP tomoz and want to be able to make full attack! Thanks in advance x

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Arrrwwh! poor thing :(

Its horrible when things like this happen especially when you can't seem to get a straight answer out of anyone but yeah, 100% go to your G.P tomorrow morning if you can demanding for an answer as if the baby is "gagging" it could also may be a sign of something to do with digestive system which may be difficult to show up (in usual tests)

You mentioned your OH has asthma so that could also be a potential thing the baby has developed.

My advice though is (until you get to see the G.P), have you tried maybe getting the baby to sleep on his side?

My mum did this this with my son when he was a baby & even though he wasn't too sick "just a bit blocked-up with a cold" it may had been the best night's sleep he & myself have had in a few weeks


I remember she got something like one of those small baby blankets & rolled it up into a "sausage shape" so his back could comfortably lean off it.


Much to my HVs horror the last week we've had him on his side (obv our mums think alike, same with blanket) does sleep better but still does gag, makes sleeping for us hard as constantly worried x



It's funny sometimes how our "mum's" tend to think alike like that isnt it :)

I'd go into your G.P tomorrow with "all guns blazing" for sure

"not literally"



Hi Hun, my little one is exactly the same with my little one who is 4 weeks now, was told by a midwife in hospital that it was because she swallowed her poo but after my hv saw me s few weeks back she told me to go to the gp, but couldn't get a appt for 3 days so ended up going to a walk in clinic and they sent us straight to the hospital to rule out anything more but luckily it's reflux and the inability to bring up wind. The little one is now on meds for a month so she is no longer gagging or being sick and her breathing is slowing down and not as erratic ( was told the breathing was to do with the reflux), hope you get your answer from the gp xx


Been to gp and was reassured but still not 100% sure of the cause. GP said is either reflux or mild infection. Checked him thoroughly and found he's perfectly fine! Of course whilst there no gagging or wheezing or anything! But was told if worried just take him back. He is bringing up wind so not given anything but gp did say don't worry about taking him back in if worried as babies change all time and can come on suddenly so observe him next few days. Main thing though is apparently too young to have asthma so that will let us sleep easier tonight - if John hasn't other ideas. Glad nothing more serious even if not 100% sure of cause. If does get worse baby clinic tomorrow that can go to x


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