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gadgets and gizmos

Hi I am 16 weeks and having my third - I am trying to get as many maternity and baby things as cheaply as possible.

As many of us do I have been looking at all the gadgets and gizmos for all periods of pregnancy and when the baby arrives - I was wondering what 3 items could you not live with out and which well known brands you prefer?

Thanks in advance for your help.xx

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To find things cheap. Have a look on the nct website and look for the nearly new sales in your area. They are great for gadgets etc.

Must have baby monitor



My gro egg temperature thingy (currently 13 in tesco) her gro bag sleeping bag (can get them anywhere ) and tomee tippee perfect prep (couldn't bf ) If you're on Facebook you can try your local but sell and swap group they're always selling baby stuff, or you could specifically ask for something too. X


Sleepyhead pillow (for baby) I use it instead of a Moses basket and take it all over the house, so the initial outlay of £99 is well worth it! Plug in night light, one for the bedroom and one for the hallway, it makes feeding at night and going to the bathroom a lot easier and doesn't wake me up as much as switching a light on we got ours from Argos. JL nursing bras, 2 pack for £30 they are a good fit and give good support to my now mammoth boobs! I hope this helps.


Hi there

One way to figure out your spending is to consider how long you'll be using the items. for short term or longer term. Its no use spending loads on items which you won't get the use out of like, baby clothes and some things you won't want to compromise on (like new cot matress, new car seat). NCT sales are great but members get first pick.

Check out Gumtree, rather than ebay its a great way to by preloved locally. I bought a fab 3 wheeler pushchair, in mint condition, from a lady I'd known for years! Got a new car seat half price from Mothercare which is compatible with the chasis, and a carry cot car seat (to use as a pram) second hand. All in all spent £65 on the new car seat and £50 on the rest via Gumtree and collected a whole travel system which if Id bought new would have cost more than 4 times as much.

There are some great bargains out there if you're prepared to put the time in to look around :)


We've brought clothes from ebay. There were quite a few people selling 'bundles' of clothes. All the stuff we have got was in fab condition and worked out lots cheaper than buying brand new. I signed up to bounty as well and they send you regular emails with offers etc.


Try gumtree. Its gr8 for all baby items.


Nct nearly new sales. Moses basket I wouldn't be without. I bought a maternity bundle of eBay cheaply & thy were high street brands.


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