Suffering from constipation - has anybody tried Fybogel?

Been having trouble going to the toilet for a few day so went to Boots and asked the pharmacist what I could take as most things weren't advised for pregnant women. I have been eating plenty of cereal, brown bread, fruit, veg etc but it hasn't helped. So I ended up being given Fybogel (for free which was a bonus!) I'm hoping it works but I thought I could take other medicines for constipation? I've taken two sachets so far and will try it for for a few day to see what happens, has anybody has success will it before? I'm 21+ weeks and I know some constipation medicines aren't recommended since they loosen your bowl but there must be something else I can try if this doesn't work?

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  • It does help but needs to get in ur system so keep taking it increase or if it's not enough. ..I took it but then got to the point where it started to make me have drinking it so I stopped. .. syrup of figs is a good one to take as well. .. my constipation got worse in the last 2 months..lactolose is another one to try. my consultant prescribed me senna in the last month... but it can give u stomach cramps so only take them in the last month if u get really desperate

  • As well as the cereal you say you've been eating try drinking a glass of milk every day too.

    I know some women "espicially pregnant women" find it hard to drink milk as it can sometimes make you feel sick but slowly & surely the dairy content should help better than anything

  • Lactulose and lots of water worked wonders to me :-) xx

    Nothing else worked for me I'm afraid

  • Fybogel has worked wonders for me, took it since week 22 and still taking it every day, that, walking for at least 30 mins and a nice fibre breakfast each morning is the only thing which has helped. And thank god because constipation is the worst!! If it dosent help, try going to your GP, someone on here told me to do that if the fybogel didn't work as they can prescribe different things for you but the fybogel helped me :) hope it works for you and eases up soon, also heard that the figs are great for it to x

  • I found apricots dried or fresh pure apple juice and lactolose along with a high fibre worked brilliant for me :) xx

  • It does work you have to take it regularly, plus drink plenty of water

  • Look no further! I am your Poo Expert! I was on IBS medication before pregnancy -which I had to stop taking when pregnant & I had about 1 bowel movement every 10days. VERY painful & felt AWFUL! Was taking 1 Fybogel sachet a day & eating a LOT of fruit & weetabix, but nothing. Went to see my GP & told him I literally felt like a 'walking bag of poo'. He prescribed MORE Fybogel -he said I could have 3 a day & also said it's important to drink lots of water with them otherwise they can make it worse. Also prescribed Lactulose solution -I was v sceptical, as it's basically sugary water, but it worked! I now go everyday and if I don't I take a spoonful of Lactulose & it sorts it out. Feel SO much better now & passing painful rabbit droppings are now a distant memory. Good luck!

  • FYI The reason why you can't take laxatives is because they are a stimulant & they don't want anything stimulating 'down there'! Go to your GP: I got 2 bottles of Lactulose & 2 boxes of Fybogel for FREE :)

  • I tried everything I could to get rid of constipation with no result but believe it or not my midwife recommended that I try taking olive oil each morning, so now every morning I make some brown toast and pour some extra virgin olive oil in a plate with manuka honey or pure one and i never looked back! NO MORE CONSTIPATION!!! You will find olive oil is part of the Mediterranean people's diet who we all know to be very healthy

  • Hello, thanks everyone for getting back to me with advice! I've been taking two sachets of Fybogel a day for 6 days so far and I thought it helped to begin with but now not so much. I think I will try lactulose too and hopefully it helps! I do everything else I should: walk 30mins briskly every day to work, eat plenty of cereal and milk etc as I've always had problems with it but it has gotten worse in the past couple of weeks and I'm hoping it passes!

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