Breech Baby at 36+4 and Options To Decide Need Advice Pleas

Hiya, i did not decide and need advice. They advice me to turn the baby. I think dr dont like the c section. I dont know what to do I have concerns about turning baby. Is there anybody who did the prosedure? I want to decide until 37. Is 37 late? My water also is abit high than normal.

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  • The Procedure is offered in lots of places at 37 weeks so I don't think a few days to allow you to make a decision should be a problem. What is worrying you about trying the ECV (turning)? It certainly doesn't always work but has a fair success rate, better than 50% The baby's heartrate should be monitored during the procedure (before and after the dr or mw tries to turn the baby to see if he or she becomes distressed - this is usually a temporary thing and the heart rate settles again - in the unusual event that it doesn't an emergency Caesarean may be needed. Serious complications are extremely unusual and many of the risks associated with ECV are actually to do with having an emergency caesarean if the baby becomes distressed by the procedure, the best statistic I can find for that is from America where for every 286 ECVs 1 urgent c-section is done but, if anything, it is likely to be less in this country as Drs & MWs do more of them and so have more expertise. Caesarean birth is, to be fair, safer for mother and baby if it is planned rather than 'emergency' but your Doctors reluctance to go for a Caesarean without trying an ECV reflects the fact that an ECV is a safer procedure than a caesarean (even when it is planned). The governing body of obstetricians in this country the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists recommends that every woman with a breech baby should be offered an ECV at 37 weeks - this reflects the fact that they are trying to reduce the use of Caesarean section except where definitely necessary because of it's associated risks.

    However, having said all of that this is at the end of the day your decision and you are completely entitled to decide to decline the ECV. You don't have to justify your decision or apologize to anyone, you can just say no if that is what you decide.

  • I have anterior plecanta. Does ECV effect the anterior plecanta? 36+4 so can I have it for example 37+4? i have appt ith consultant at 37+4.

  • Isnt there anybody who has experience about the procedure and knows the anterior placenta situation?

  • Hi first time mum, here is the RCOG's decision making guideline for ECV: - it is written for obstetricians so uses fairly technical language and there are a few sections of just statistics etc. However it does have a section which outlines all the contraindications for ECV and anterior placenta is not listed there either in the absolute or the relative contraindications. There is also a section on risk there which, again is full of statistical info which is not easy to understand (for me, anyway) but does address the kinds of risks which exist. It also says that ECV can be attempted at any time up to 42 weeks and it is usually done between 37-38 weeks so that should be fine. I hope it's helpful. That said I understand your concern about the anterior placenta it does seem logical to think that there is more risk of causing the placenta to separate if it is at the front. Your consultant should have an accurate idea of where exactly the placenta is lying and where he will be manipulating your tummy and should be taking this into account. I would raise this with him directly and see if what he says reassures you. If it doesn't then your instinct is saying no and if you are not behind the procedure it is better to decline because if things didn't go to plan you would feel very upset at having been 'persuaded' to go for it.

    This is a leaflet produced by my local hospital You might already have been given the same sort of thing at your appt - which will have more accurate info about what happens at your unit - if not you could try their website to see if they have leaflets you can download.

    Sorry to say that I have never undergone an ECV, only done some research due to my daughter being transverse in my 2nd pregnancy so can't help to reassure you with personal experience.

    It has to be your decision, if you feel unhappy about it after talking with your dr you are completely entitled to say no, even if he is expecting to do the procedure there and then at you appointment you are under no obligation to comply. Hope this has been helpful and I am not just rambling on!

  • Thank you very much...

  • Hey, my baby was breech throughout my pregnancy. Unfortuantly my waters went at 31 weeks so they didn't give me the option to turn my baby but did try and push me for a breech delivery at the time but I wasn't having any of it I said no way. They say it is a very hands off procedure but I still didn't like the sounds of it. I went into labour at 32weeks and demaded a C-section but looking at the size of her I wish I had tried the breech delivery and C-sections suck big time afterwards. I have had 2 natural births and 1 c-sec and I would try natural everytime. Have they not even said about delivering breech? I know the turning process can be pretty scary and painful.

  • No honey, they did not say about breech delivery. Turning and C section 2 options they said. I feel uncomfy with turning. I have concerns and mentally not ready.

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