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Fallin apart

Please help I am 39wreks pregnant. I am getting tummy pains all down my right hand side of bump and over the top. Not usual burning rib pain and not contractions. Been having this for a couple of days now. I rang doctor in middle of night two nights ago and he didn't thinking was anything to worry about although he did not tell me what it was. I now have a docs appointment for this morning to see if they can shed any light on the subject. I also look like popeye as I have a sty come up under my left eye. Has anyone experianced this ???

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Hi I haven't experienced the pain bit but I did get a sty in my eye quite badly when I asked my GP she said it was due to me hormones and my bodies changes I got prescribed an eye drop that was safe to use whilst I was pregnant hope you find out what the pain is x


I Would ring ur midwife dept best to get checked out x


Hello, did the doctor say what the pain could be? I've been having the same but all midwife said was that it's because I sleep on my right side where there is a major nerve so sleep on the left and prop bump with a pillow to ease the pressure a bit.

Hope you got some answers


Yes that's what they said to me. A lot of it is due to muscles being pulled and stretching. But I did go to hospital and they checked me over and did an examination and I am 2cm dilated and waters are bulging. So it might mean our baby is down low and pulling on all your muscles too xx


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