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Ok think I'm in labour!!!


Been getting pains since bout 4pm they have been a bit all over the place but within the last hour they have been every 4-6min lasting 30 sec I live bout hour away from hospital how close should they b 2geta b4 I go in?

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If I was you I would ring your delivery suite now and tell them how far apart your contractions are etc and they will advise you on when to go in. Or ask to go in and they can check your cervix etc for you. Will more than likely differ with everyone but I gave birth an hour after my contractions were three minutes apart. Good luck I hope all goes well xx

Thanks I rang them earlier n they said come in when closer together I was mid contraction so didn't ask how close think ill ring back when there 3-4 n c what they say x

Ooooo looks like your LO could be arriving v soon :-) Xx

Fingers xd I just hope they start getting closer they have been at 5min apart 4 hours x


Good luck! Hope this is it for you! x

Thanks been up all night now pain really bad when they come but bout 5-6 min inbetween

ooh sounds like your LO may be hear sometime soon. Ring your MAU and tell them the pain is really bad now they probs say take paracetamol but if you already have tell them they may ask you to go to them and get checked out . gd luck xx

Good luck! Hope all goes well :) x

Look forward to reading your news! Xx

This sounds very promising! I hope you're either still going strong or cuddling a new little person as we speak! Good luck :-) x

Aw good luck!! I really hope this is it. I had contractions that were strong as hell for 18 hours and it all stopped during the night.. But seeing as they haven't stopped for you I would say this is it!! Rest as much as you can!

Good luck Louise, keep us all posted x

Good luck! Fingers crossed for you xx


All The best exciting xx

Thanks everyone still hanging ib there just wish these contractions would get closer!x

Keep going hun! Try stay active and positive! Doing great xx

Great! How exciting. Don't worry Louise - each contraction is helping you dilate further and makes the birth closer they each have a job to do and nothing is wasted. Some labours just never settle into that textbook pattern. For now concentrate on what is going to help you get through - trying to doze between contractions, taking a deep bath (block the overflow with plasticine or something to get it deeper!) snacking, moving around, whatever helps you cope. They will get closer sometime even if it is very close to the birth so go with your instinct - if you feel things are changing then regardless of how close they are it might be worth going to be checked at least (but, if you do prepare for the fact that it might not be time for you to stay in yet). Home has all the best familiar stuff to help you be comfortable, private and relaxed until you feel you need more support. All the best!

Hope it all goes well for you x

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