What's going on?

I'm 40+1 and last night woke up with period like pain across my lower stomach and back that kept on coming and going every 20mins ish 4 about 4 hours everytime it came my stomach contracted n went in2 weird shapes n it was really painful thought this had ti be the start of labour took 2 parectomol n tried to relax n ended up falling asleep woke up this morning n the pains have gone? What's goin on?

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  • The joyous joyous world of early labour! I was on and off like that for 3 weeks with my first, and have been having lots of false starts recently ( it's my due date today).

    You'll know when it's the real thing, the pains will become more intense, regular and closer together. I hope it's not long for you! X

  • Sounds like a trial run, your body is practicing!!! Keep in mind that it didn't hurt (because labour is a productive sort of uncomfortable sensation rather than pain) and do take paracetamol again if you need. Real labour is more regular and the intensity is greater the further you progress. In the mean time do whatever makes you happy and relaxed in the last few days before your baby arrives. Good luck :)

  • Thanks I thought this might be the case was really hoping she mite make an appearance today but guess iv got longer to wait :(

  • With my 1st I started getting period type pains on & off on the tues thr was no pattern 2 it as I was only 36 weeks I jst thou I had a tummy upset. I had him 4 days later. Have u had a show or anything?

  • No no show realy hope she's coming soon feel realy uncomfortable today my stomach is solid the majority of the time hope n lots of twinges

  • that was me last night too, except was very painful as had decided to go out to shops yest and so my back was already in agony (but was grateful to know contractions aren't unbearable as some women would have you believe). Kept clock watching hoping they'd get closer together but they didn't, finally did doze off and woke this morn to nothing. Thinking taking it easy might be best for this last week, have to say disappointed haven't come back yet. Fingers crossed for you x

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