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Baby hiccups

My little Finley is a week old and is breastfed...after almost every feed he gets hiccups even tho I wind him and keep him up right until he falls asleep, he does gulp it down and am wondering if thts the problem ..I also try to make sure tht he cant inhale much air through his mouth but it happens alot...any advice on what I can do to stop him getting them would be mostly appreciated. Thanks

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Do U get it where the milk flows so quickly they are gulping it down? That's The only reason I can think why he is getting Hiccups, don't really havemuch advice sorry have u asked ur health visitor? Or do u still see midwife?. with bottles they do different flows but we don't have different flow nipples. ...a week! That has flown by! :) x


I breast feed James and he used to have hiccups all the time too. Even before he was born my belly would jump and I had read that baby's could get them in the womb so that's what I put it down to. For the first few weeks he had them a lot, and often it would cause him to spit up after he'd eaten. I mentioned it to the health visitor and she didn't seem concerned. And he's 16 weeks now and barely ever gets them. I just figured it was his digestive system and respiratory system getting used to the outside world. James wasn't fazed by them (he often ate with hiccups the greedy little baby!) but if your little one is or they seem really bad talk to your health visitor. x


Hiccups can be a sign of reflux.

Sammy was a hiccup-y foetus and just as hiccup-y as a baby :-)


Wow, a week already

How time flies hey! :-)

The only thing I can think of is just the fact that "finley" has a good appetite on him he dosen't realise when its time to slow-down a Lil'

"Which isn't a bad thing at-all"

But it's probably the main cause of the hiccups after every feed.



Mine had hiccups everyday when she was inside me she still gets them now everyday midwife HV have said that it doesn't bother them though my LO gets annoyed with them


hiya, I haven't been on here for a few wks but noticed u have had your baby, aww congratulations :) hope you& baby finley is well,

if I mind right im sure there were just a day between our due dates, my we man is to cosy still no signs yet x takecare


My little gir is 5 weeks and she gets hiccups quite a lot but it tends to be when she gets her wind up, sounds daft but try putting him back on your breast for 2 minutes always works for us!


Thanks for the advice .my boyfriend saud about putting him back on the breast and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. .am not concerned its just frustrating when I hav him settled for night and he gets the them. Ahh kimmy01 thank u...he was due on 7th but came on 10th. Hope u get too meet ur little man real soon. X


My LO got them all the time in my belly and now gets them a lot too. And gulps when she eats - it's my milk flow I think and feeding rarely is a quiet affair - more like coughing/ spluttering/ gulping laud session for the first couple of minutes ;) I tried expressing the initial milk to make it better but it hasn't helped. I'm hoping she will grow out of it - sorry I can't offer more advice. It's so annoying when they've just fallen asleep and hiccups wakes them isn't it..? Especially at 3am ;-)


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