Here we go again :-(

I'm 8 +3 today and have had a small but bright red bleed. Looks like this will be my third miscarriage. I must have been a REALLY bad person in a previous life! EPAU can't see me until Tuesday. As if the thought if another miscarriage isn't bad enough I have to wait 2 more days to get a definite answer. When is the NHS going to recognise that pregnancy problems do not "disappear" at the weekend and come back on a Monday?!! EPAUs or other adequate emergency pregnancy related services need to be available every day if the week!! Feeling really p*****d off with it all :'(

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  • don't beat yourself up too much it might not be, i know many people that have had early bleeds for various reasons and have a healthy baby and or are having a healthy pregnancy but i understand with your previous experiences you must be worried and upset. could you not go to a&e? x

  • Oh Bless u i totally agree with u but hopefully it may settle down I had bright red blood which changed colour on different days and I bled for a month ..I have my fingers crossed for u x

  • Thanks ladies. The bleeding has stopped already but that's what happened with the last 2 so it's not necessarily a sign that things r ok. Just wish I could get answers quicker than Tues x

  • I've been there and feel for you. although one bleed may not be definate m/c. However my second m/c started on a sunday with a bright red bleed. I went straight into a&e. Although i couldn't get a scan till the following day to confirm it, they could give me pain relief and i was reassured that i was in hospital overnight in case anything happened. Plus i needed a further procedure so because i was there as an inpatient i was able to be squeezed in that afternoon.

  • I don't have any pains so u guess that's a positive sign for the time being. Like u though my mc's are never straight forward. I've needed tablets both times to pass the sac. Not a pleasant experience but less risk x

  • I had bright red bleeding at 8weeks and was told by 111 team to go to a&e as it also happened on a weekend. I was scared because just a month before getting pregnant I had suffered a 5/6 week miscarriage. I was so sure it was another 1 but kept hoping.

    The admitted me for an emergency scan and by 4hrs later I was told I had a haemorrhage in my uterus just below the sac and this was coming away like a mini period. As it was positioned below the sac, my baby was fine and under no threat.

    As u have no pains, I'd say theres a good chance this isnt a miscarriage and could be the same thing. I'll hold out all hope for u and keep everything crossable crossed! Good luck tomorrow xx

  • Really hope things are ok for you...I am almost 8 weeks pregnant at the mo and had a bleed two weeks ago, the first scan showed a sac with nothing in it so had to wait a full 2 weeks not knowing if everything was ok before they would rescan me...can so sympathize with having to wait its the worst. I had a second scan last Thursday and things are looking ok at the moment although I am over a week less pregnant than I thought I was. They couldn't explain the bleed. Like you I have had 2 miscarriages before so was determined when I saw the blood that this was going to be another one.....still a long way to go for me but hoping this might make you feel a little more hopeful. Good luck with it all so hope you get the same news tomo that I did last week xxxx

  • Thanks ladies. I've lost quite a lot of blood overnight now but no sign of the sac so I guess I'll know more after the scan tomorrow. Strange thing happened last night though, before I started bleeding properly I lost a load of clear watery fluid. Any ideas what that might mean? x x

  • I'm sorry to hear your experiencing this & in limbo at the moment, i would hazard a guess that the fluid might have come from within the sack? :( I cannot think of anywhere else it might have originated. Thinking of you xx

  • Very pleased to say baby is fine! Firmly implanted on my left side and the bleed was nowhere near her/him. Little heart beat thumping away. First time I've got far enough to see a heart beat. So overwhelming x x x

  • Fantastic news, I'm thrilled for you!

  • OMG that is fab news. I'm so glad to hear this. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I'm very emotional this week and your story just tugged at my heart strings so was overjoyed to read your last post. take care x

  • Thank you x x I had a cry when they found the heart beat I just couldn't believe it x x

  • Thats amazing news congratulations xx

  • Yaaaay! Congratulations :) glad everything's okay :) x

  • I am so pleased for you...didn't manage to get online yesterday but have been thinking about you and hoping so hard everything would be ok for you. Looks like we will be due about the same time then....such great news xxxx

  • That's really good news I was looking for some inspirational stories as I have had 2 miscarriages and this is exactly what I wanted to see!

    good luck

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