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Reflux in baby aged 4week's old

Hi my baby aged 4 week's today has been diagnosed with moderate reflux. Is there anybody else there who's little one so young with this condition and do u have any tips or advice. Baby not sick after every feed and is both breastfed and bottle fed on a formula called nutramagen as at first it was thought baby was allergic to cow's milk before reflux was diagnosed but was advised to continue with this foul smelling milk. Also baby should be on 90 mls of milk but I struggle to get 30 down therefore worried of poor weight gain which so far seems to be happening. Any help or ideas? Thanks

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I'm sure there is something u can mix with their milk..... it might be something gaviscon do if I remember rightly. ... have u spoken to ur health visitor x


Hiya, my five week old twins have the same problem, I have been given gaviscon infant for them but find it doesn't really help that much actually made them more cockley and sick! We have found so far that if we make sure they are properly winded and keep a hold of them for a little while after a bottle tends to help a bit but from what I've heard things can get worse till baby is about ten weeks old. Good luck xxx


The formula you have mentioned is for allergy to cows milk, have they ruled the allergy out now? If so I don't see why you can't swap as other brands make formula specially designed for reflux. Other than that keeping baby upright fir 15/20 mins after a feed and winding well should help!


Hi this is the problem although baby had a test to show moderate reflux ( p.h study) they still advised me to continue with the smelly milk ( nutramagen) but it's clear baby doesn't enjoy it due to smell and taste and to continue with the reflux meds. But I'm so tempted to try an actual anti reflux milk such as Sma or aptimal because I'm not convinced he's allergic to cow's milk! As he doesn't enjoy the nutramagen he doesn't drink it all therefore won't put weight on as he should be :-( thanks for advice



You mentioned the test showed a "moderate reflux to the regular "powdered cows milk"

Im not 100% sure but would it help if you were to add maybe 1 more ounce of water to the " powdered cow's milk feed" or would this be just as detrimental to the baby health.

I would be tempted to give it a try rather than use this "smelly milk" as you've called it.



Has the babe got a good sucking reflex! Some times spoon feeding the formula helps. Takes a bit longer, but can get the baby used to a fuller tummy, and as babe gets stronger sucking will become easier .Also, have you got the cot mattress blocked up at the head end as high as is tolerable? Hope it settles soon, Get as much rest as you can as your distress is picked up by the baby


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