One thing after another! Placenta fine, now suspected GD!

So, today was the day of my 32 week scan to check my placenta.....all is fine with that, its nice and high now! But one thing thats worried me is the abdominal circumference of baby. Everything else measured fine, but his stomach has just jumped over the line! I have to go back on monday after drinking some horrible looking glucose drink and give them some blood. And then wait around for the results, and i cant eat anything for like 12 hours! Just drink water. Im just worried Ive done something wrong, as Im feeling guilty and not quite sure what Ive done wrong! They said it could just mean that baby is just like that, but Im worried! Is it silly for me to worry? In my notes from today, estimated fetal weight is 5 lbs :O im only 32 weeks, but looking at my notes again, thats not over the line like the abdominal circumference is,....i just dont know what to think! As stated earlier this week, im not sleeping well, so maybe exhaustion is also getting to me. When the other half was driving me home i had a few tears, he was trying to reassure me, saying its probably nothing, but i cant help but worry :(

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  • If it's not one thing is another bless u At 32 weeks they said around 4lb to me so it's not too much over and scans aren't def in guessing weight so try not too worry too much at least they are looking into it and ur get better answers. .. and not too long to go now!!!! 8 Weeks and counting and boy im counting lol hope ur ok x

  • And if ur concerned always give ur consultant secetary a call they should get back tou with better answers or bring ur app nearer x

  • I was told to call if i had any issues, to be honest its nothing in particular, just a load of junk running through my head!

  • I know its coming up fast! I just hope im worrying over nothing! Will get answers on monday and take it from there! Hope ur ok too! x

  • I am sure everything will b fine. I hav had to drink tht vile drink twice and no its not nice on an empty tum but mine was at first cz my bmi was borderline. I wouldnt worry and also when they predict the weight I always think they just pick a number coz everyone I kno whos been told they r having a big baby they r average size and then everyone tht been told there baby is small again been normal or slightly bigger. I understand ur tears...I cried the other day when my midwife said my blood pressure was high and told me too take my hospital bag and go to day unit and b monitored and they may keep u as ur fully cooked, got bk home and I cried but not sure why..u will b fine so chill out hav some nice lunch and put ur feet up...ur in gd hands x

  • Thanx, needed some reassuring words from someone who isnt male (no offence to my man, hes just such a bloke!) I think sometimes we just need a cry just for some release! I just hope everything is ok and if its not, then will have to take it all as it comes x

  • Please don't feel guilty. Things crop up in pregnancies that we have no control over and I'm sure it will end up being nothing to worry about :) I think we have all had moments where we have entertained our worst fears and it's not surprising with the raging hormones and huge body changes! Stay calm and relax please, don't stress yourself out and I'm sure you are doing the best you can in your pregnancy :) Have faith in the medics and in yourself x

  • Thank you for the kind words. Even with the thought of a possible c section because of my placenta, i didnt worry about that! I just knew it was going to be fine, but with this, they wernt as reassuring this time at the hospital like they were about my placenta, and ive just been put in panic mode! ohh, deja vu! Havent had that in a while.....anyways, your right, i need to calm down! If i can, i will have a nap :)

  • I kno how u feel my boyfriend was like its fine they r just looking after u and I was like and he was like so why the tears and I got frustrated cz I cudnt explain how I felt. They mean well but sometimes u need a female perspective. Just try and relax over the weekend.. I found it helped just to hav an hour on my own. rid of the tears and then I was ready to go again. Xx

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