Not a happy bunny :(

now on crutches. Trying to get in touch with anaesthetist and consultant to see about birthing plan, as everything had in mind is probably not going to happen. OH now sleeping in spare bed so that he can get some rest as I'm not sleeping much and keeping him awake. And no pain relief the doctor will give that would help. likely hood of natural birth and being able to bf looking less and less likely. Really want to kick something, but can't even swing my leg, grrr! Morning of pain turned to misery when find out what already suspected.

Anyways, could be worse. My little monster is doing well, threw a paddy because daddy didn't give them bed time hugs, so guess who'll be putting him/her to bed when they're born :) baby room almost done, hospital bag almost packed, and appetite at long last returning. So lots of positives too x


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  • Bless ya hun you must be very uncomfortable. How many weeks are you now? Xx

  • 34 and a half weeks. Not got a midwife appointment until 38 weeks because supposed to be fitting in all my other appointments in between, but not heard from either anaesthetist or consultant. So will be ringing tomorrow just to see if can at least talk to midwife. Physio quite worried no birth plan in place at mo (just in case go early). good job was planning hospital birth anyway. Having fun learning to use crutches again - and a cream cake from my bf helped cheer me up a bit. Keeping chin up :) x

  • I cant believe they not sorted birthplan etc hun! You must be feeling you think they could deliver bubs early given how much . pain you are in xx oooo bless him :-) cant beat a bit of comfort food xx

  • Well tbh its all happened a bit fast. Always have some pain in back and midwife got on to anaesthetist about 8 weeks ago on the just in case. She was really quite annoyed hadn't been in touch. With all the sickness and low blood pressure I'd had they'd assumed I was going to be early anyway. Then bp has started to go back up enough to decide to leave me alone and basically see what happens.

    Then two/three (days run into one another when you don't sleep) wks back started with major back pain. went to docs expecting pain relief go home rest etc. Instead was physio and has got worse until state in now. Not sure if they would deliver early. going to wait a few days to see if consultant etc do get in touch. If not going to phone midwife and see if she can give them a kick. Yeah, comfort food always good, def needed it x

  • Surely they can't just leave u suffering... sounds awful u must be so frustrated.... maybe u should ask to see consultant and go thru things again bless you hope they do something for u x

  • Frustrated, but mostly in pain. Just having to keep in mind the baby's doing well so that's good. Physio wants to see me again in two weeks (I'll be 36wks then), and asked if I could cope in the mean time. Like its a choice. But in fairness she's done everything she can. Suggested for me to go back to gp to see if can give anything just to take edge off pain so could at least get a bit of sleep, but the only thing they had said could give except paracetamol (which might as well be smarties - at least they'd taste better) was something for nerve pain, and its not nerve pain I'm experiencing. Going to ring triage later and explain again what's going on, hopefully get an appointment for consultant, or at the least speak to my midwife so she can get them to hurry up x

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