Braxton hicks and lower pressure

Braxton hicks and lower pressure

Hi I've had a really good pregnancy so far I'm 34 weeks this Saturday. I get fairly regular Braxton hicks all throughout the day and lots of pressure in the lower part of my groin, which makes me feel like I'm going to wet myself.

Oh and to top it off little feet in my ribs to the right which is very painful at times. I try and stretch and move positions, any advice on the above???

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I'm 38 + 1 and for the last 3 weeks I have been having braxton hicks so painful I haven't been sure if t was labour or false contractions I can't walk with the pressure in my pelvis I have midwife tomorrow she will tell me if the head is engaged which sounds like urs is to me i know exactly how u feel its so uncomfortable, they say braxton hicks shouldn't be painful and if u move position or stand up and walk they should go away or ease off ... well mine don't Im actually dreading labour although I can't wait to meet my girl. When u next go to the midwife she will tell u if our baby's head is engaged good luck x

Same here with the Braxton hicks. Mine have been quite regular and painful. Had them on and off all over the weekend and when I saw the midwife yesterday she said I was now engaged and it was probably them that had helped her into position. I find doing breathing exercises through them really helps as well as trying to view them as a positive thing (!?!) in they're getting baby into a good position. As for the ribcage issue, my daughter is also using the right side of my ribcage as a handy place to rest her feet! Tbh I've not found anything really helps as as soon as I move her foot she puts it back again haha. Leaning over the back of the settee or side of the bed seems to take some of the pressure off but isnt really practical if you're at work!

Thanks ladies for your thoughts.

I do hope that were not engaged this early but I know it does happen, I'm at MW next week so I will check then.

I do the stretching quite a lot to relieve the rib pain whilst at work as that's when it hurts the most!!!

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