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Does anyone have any tips to getting back that old feeling of when you first got together?


My partner and I both have children from previous relationships and I thought our arguments stemmed from anxieties related to our failed relationships in the past. But when my partner says he loves me after an argument I don't believe him any more.

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i hard not to let the past haunt u as it will cause u some trust issues because u think the same thing will happen again. its the age old "all men are the same" or "all women are the same" and it is complete tosh.

Me and my fella went through a rough patch a year ago and we were on the verge of a break up. We loved each other deeply but we didnt feel loved or wanted by each other...if that makes sense. So we decided that 1 night a week was date night and on date night we had to woo each other and tell each other exactly what we loved about each other. Obviously, that was easier for us to do because we didnt have any children then and are only just having our first now, but the principles the same.

Maybe 1 night a week, once the kids are in bed, u could have a few munchies and watch a movie together cuddled up. Then once a month or so, arrange a baby sitter and go out for a meal or go bowling, just an activity u both enjoy. I think quality time spent is a must for all relationships. It will bring back a closeness u will have probably long forgotten (and with the closeness comes an improved sex life ;) and with that comes the happy endorphins :P) But seriously, spending that little bit of quality time together will make a world of difference. Good luck and I hope u can get urselves back on track xx


Yes Def date nights having kids is bloody hard and u need time out have a laugh feel kid free for a bit x


Date night is a great idea if you can make the time. Other things to try is ask each other what do you remember from your first date? What did you find attractive on each other? When did you realise you loved the other person and why? A trip down memory lane can work wonders.

Also a little exercise for yourself: every night before you go to sleep ask yourself what is the one thing you are grateful for your partner that day? Then let him know in the morning that you appreciate him for that reason. That way you can teach yourself to see the positive in him again. Good luck! Oh and by the way don't bottle up your feelings. Better talk about everything to each other even if it is about anger.

Date night tonight then, maybe a nice scary one to shock me back to the living before work tommorrow!! lol

me n my hubby are married fifteen years and we recently started to have a nice meal,kids in bed n then wen come to bed candles on and a nice massage on back and shoulders!we say we love eachother every day and have a cuddle every day.i have three kids aged fourteen eleven and six,and am now expecting my fourth due to getting closer!!!!! x

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