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Can the sonographer get the sex wrong at 24 weeks scan?


I had a scan at 24 weeks ( growth) and I was told its a boy and I think I saw boy bits as well. But I just wanted to know can the sonographer get the sex of the baby wrong at 24 weeks? Have anyone of you ladies had a scan at 24 weeks and the sonographer got the sex wrong? Thank You

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Yes They do say it's not 100% my friend said when she had her baby there were 2 women on the ward who had been told different! I've stopped buying Blue just in case! I Knew I was having boys my last 2 but this one I wasn't sure til the scan but a dr a couple of weeks ago thought girl cos of the heartbeat but will definitely find out in a few weeks lol


Its not 100% accurate at any stage of the pregnancy and obv they tell you that. There probably will b people it has happened to or someone knows. Personally I dont know anyone. I just believe that if you ask to know the sex then you should go with it as obviously the sonographer sees 3+ women per hour so cant b 100% accurate.

At 20 week scan I saw the penis of my baby boy. The sonog. said definetely boy. Still can it be wrong? I assumed that after 20 week the mistake ratio will be min.


Last week there was a woman in papers was told 3 times that shes having a girl only to be born a boy so not 100percent reall

salmon_finland in reply to Hidden

I heard if it is a boy it is unlikely to be girl. Is it true?

It's not 100% at any time, just their best estimate based on what they can see at the scan.

I was told at first it was a girl but been told 3 times since it is def a boy! I was told by my auntie who is a midwife that they can say its a girl and it be a boy as the boy can be in a position where they can hide their bits however its very very rare that they say boy and it turns out to be a girl xxx

When I was pregnant with my first the sonographer said it was a girl and she was correct and with my second who is ! 13wks the same sonographer said he was a boy and was correct but they do tell you when they tell u the sex its not 100% gauranteed to be accurate so thats why bought neutral stuff until baby was here then I bought pink nd blue

I've seen my Doc like 2 Times already n keeps on telling me it's a boy but I guess only birth confirms it all.

sugar123 in reply to Mrs1matena

I guess ur havin a boy ten. Congratz Hun X

Mrs1matena Thnkz 4 ur reply. Btw I did hve a boy n he is one yrs old aswell. The sonographer was right. Bless u Hun. This post is over a year old lol

Hi with my last two girls, I was told they were girls and this was correct. I am currently 20 plus 3, I had a private scan at 16 weeks and was told it is a girl and when I went for my 20 week NHS scan I pretended I did not know as I did not want to give them an impression of what it could be and they too confirmed it is a girl. I have heard that mistakes happen when you check before 20 weeks but highly unlikely to get it wrong after 20 weeks.. as everything is properly developed and quite clearly seen. I suppose that is why on the NHS they say they are not 100 per cent sure to avoid litigation. Good luck to all the mums, all babies are a blessing.

I am also 24 weeks and twice already I was told its a boy but they said its not 100% accurate results so the only confirmation is giving birth

My little beanie was not shy shaking his tackle at the screen, so no surprise at the private scan at 18wks, then at 20wk scan he waggled it at us again. The sonographer said that although he couldn't confirm 100% that if we brought a baby girl into see him he would quit his job immediately and get medical help ;) I thought he looked like his dad when he was body popping at 12 weeks, moving like Mick Jagger. I think a willy is a pretty good sign you've got a boy ;)

Baby gender before the birth & conception.

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