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Baby refusing breast whilst teething-anyone else experienced this?

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Please help!!

My 14 week old boy has really sore gums and gets angry rejecting breast. Have tried bottle but same response. Seems to hurt his wee gums. He tends to take his morning feed really well (through sheer hunger after his sleep) but every other feed in the day is a constant battle.

Has anyone else experienced this with your LO? Any tips? I tried Ashton and parsons powder today for first time and he seemed on better form but didn't really help his feeds.

Any help would be appreciated xxx

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Awwrrh! bless him

It sounds completely normal to me. as well as the teething powder have you tried any teething gel. "I think many pharmacy in & around the high street now sell a milder / children's version of bonjela"

I remember my son (who is nearly 5yrs old) going through the same thing. At 1st I was finding it hard to believe he could have been teething "at about 17wks old but then I started to see the teeth buds coming through.

Another good thing about trying to use some teething gel is the fact you can keep it in the fridge so when you apply it to his gums he'll feel more relieved.

He also may get a temperature too which is fine & normal too but you just need to give him as much fluids as you can Aka: boiled, cooled water" as well as a Lil children's paracetamol.


My SiL brought some breast shields (the type you use if your nipples are sore), kept them in the freezer, and fed my nephew through them - it was enough to establish each feed. Might be worth a go? X

Id keep up with the powders... are all his gums sore? Do They look red and inflamed? Try putting a teething ring in the fridge so he can suck on that x

Poor thing :-( teething is so miserable, especially at 14 weeks which is relatively early! Bonjela is good for instant relief, and are you giving him calpol 20 minutes or so before a feed? The idea being that it would numb the pain enough for him to eat comfortably.

My best tip is breast milk ice lollies - express some milk into either sterilised ice cube trays, or part fill sterilised ice lolly molds and freeze until they're just set (I found them too cold if frozen solid) and then rub them on his little gums. It can be a bit messy so have a bib and muslin handy! Hopefully it will soothe his gums and get a little bit of milk into him at the same time (my son was slightly older when we used to use them, but I can't see why you couldn't give it a go!)

Hope it helps :-)

Bkess have you tried anbesol liquid this is what im using with my 12week old son who at time was refusing his bottle due to his teething I tried the gels but still refused but since ising the liquid on his gums he is fine and tsking feeds perfect now

Thanks so much everyone. So reassuring hearing from people who have gone throughthesame thing.

I have been trying ashtonand parsons and calgel today and it seems to be a bit better...just wish we could go back to the days when my wee boy wanted nothi g more than to feed all the time!

I'm goi g to look into everything you have all suggested and see which one suits him.

Did you all notice that teething came in phases that came and went?

Just wish we could take the pain for them! X

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