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how much weight should i gain by 20 weeks?

I had my 20week scan yesterday it's a girl and everything looks as it should do! Great news!!

I won't see my midwife now for another 4 weeks. I haven't been measuring my weight but I know my pre-pregnancy weight and when I got on the scales this morning I have only put on 3lbs.

Slightly worried as I had a healthy BMI and was average weight before hand so I should have gained more than this right?

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i had only put on about this by your stage, my weight constantly fluxuated, i was around 10, 10 1/2 stone when i fell pregnant, the midwife reported that as 66 kilos at my 8 week appt, tbh everything has been fine at my appts and ive stopped focusing on it as sometimes im pretty sure it had gone down, last time i weighted myself was only because i saw some scales in my OH's Aunties bathroom and he is desperately trying to put weight on aswell as he is only 10 1/2 stone himself so we were weighing ourselves at 30 weeks i was 11 stone 2 1/2 lbs which was 70 kilos, im 32 wks and 2 days now and i dont think thats a great deal of weight, everyone is different tho, look at people that dont even know they are pregnant, try not to worry too much if they tell you everything is ok, i know easier said than done tho

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I have put on 12 kilos at 27 weeks which I thought was too much but have been reassured that I am fine by my midwife who also said everyone is differnt so not to judge yourself by others. Just make sure you are eating good food regularly and when you feel hungry. I had to eat every 2-3 hours in the first trimester or I felt sick but as I say everyone is different. Maybe call your midwife to express your concerns as sure she will reassure you and a relaxed mum is most important :-)


Wish I'd only put on that much!I've Put in 2 stone and counting!!!!


I am currently 37 weeks and have only gained about 5kg which is about 13lbs. My midwife has assured me that this is fine and baby is fine, just a bit on the small side. The weight gain is always an average throughout the population, so it will vary either side of that so there should be no need to worry. If your midwife is not worried, then you should not be either :-)


don't worry to much about how much weight your gaining, esp if you had a low bmi to start with. I do and have never been able to put weight on easily (no that is not as most women say 'lucky') and up until about week 28 didn't put on much at all, now week 32 and have a bump, though still measuring small. Midwife said all is fine, don't worry because they measure baby all the way through and as long as baby fine gaining a bit less or more weight than expectd is fine. If there's a problem they'll let you know and how to gain/lose weight. They may send you for a growth scan just to check the baby is growing fine, they did me and discovered while I'm measuring small the baby was measuring a week ahead so def don't worry, your body knows what its doing :) x


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