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16 week appt

So I went for my 16 week appt today, was so nice to hear the baby's heart beat. When she was trying to find it she said she kept getting close and it appeared the baby was moving, so she kept searching then all of a sudden there were some really loud swishing noises, and she said it was the baby moving s/he was really active and there were quite a few movements before s/he settled and allowed us to listen to the heart beat.

It was really nice but at the same time a bit fustrating knowing the baby was moving and I couldn't feel a thing. Ah well they will come soon enough :)

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Hi Alex, i had an 18 week appointment yesterday with the midwife and also got to hear babies heart beat, i think its such a reasuring sound:-). Im also still waiting to feel baby move but not a flutter, my friend has suggested drinking cold coke as its supposed to make baby hyperactive.


Ah, lovely you could hear the heartbeat. I remember it was such a relief to hear it, I was worrying something could go wrong between the scan and then. I seem to remember a small tear of joy might have escaped!!

Our baby did the same and was kicking the Doppler but I couldn't feel it :S

However I had my first feeling of movement a week later at 17+1 so fingers crossed you'll be enjoying those kicks soon :)

I'm now 26+ and get regular reminders of Noodles presence, prob every couple of hours!

Happy and healthy pregnancy xXx


I'm 19 weeks today and still nothing; but we had the same thing at the last midwife appnt wqith the doppler -could hear baby Nutella thrashing about, but couldn't feel a thing. The midwife said ''You have a very active baby''. I replied ''Oh good, I'll look forward to that later!'' ;D


Have now had 20 week scan. The reason I couldn't and srtill can't feel Baby Nutella is because the placenta is situated right at the front and therefor providing a 'cushion'. So, Nutella is kicking, but she's kicking the placenta, which is why I can't feel anything yet. Might be the same for you :)


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