Is this normal?

I'm currently approximately 7 and a half week pregnant and I'm completely and utterly exhausted. I want to sleep ALL the time, and I mean all the time. Luckily I'm at home all day every day at the moment (which is driving mad, but thats another story) but simple things like doing the washing up, or putting the hoover round exhaust me. Also I find myself falling asleep in the afternoons... its awful. I also feel sick pretty much all the time, although I havent been sick. Is this normal? To feel this tired and sick? And if it is, when does it end!!!???

Thanks guys.

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All these symptoms are normal. Ah the joys of pregnancy. For me all this went away around 14-15 weeks. I know it seems unlikely now but believe me it will go away and feel better. Hang in there :-)

Every piece if literature says 12 weeks but I'm 15+6 and its starting to go away, most days I don't feel sick but still have the odd day, and same with the sleepiness, some days I'm in work and can't wait to finish to have an afternoon nap but its getting better now. I couldn't wait for 12 weeks then it came and went with no signs of getting better. Just remember we are all different, and so is each pregnancy so it may go sooner for you (hopefully) or last longer. I've read some posts on her of women 20/30 weeks pregnant still feeling sick so just be aware of it. All the best x

I really hope it doesnt last that long! I've not actually BEEN sick, but the feeling is just as bad. My husband thinks that I'm being a 'wuss' and should just 'get over it'!

No I was never actually sick, some times I wondered if I was to be sick would it help coz it can be sooo horrible. I was on here asking the same thing, when will it get better and anything that helps... Alot of ppl recommended salt and vinegar crisps which I actually found did help, u could try them. Also try and keep a low sugar diet, sugary foods tend to make it worse, and try and eat small amounts regularly.

And tell ur husband ur not being a wuss, I thought it was awful and when u think if you have it from 4/5 weeks to 15/16 weeks that's nearly 3 months of it, it just gets to you and makes you feel run down.

Hope u feel better soon :) x

Thank you. I'm afraid I cant do the crisps thing. I love S&V crisps... and I mean LOVE them. Tried to eat some two days ago and they tasted HORRIBLE. I was so upset. They just tasted bland and icky. However, I have discovered crumpets again.... I seem to be craving them at the moment, which is a bit weird... but I'm going with it.

Will keep you posted on how it goes.... when I'm not asleep!

my fella didnt understand how it affected me until I explained its like having a really bad hangover everyday for 3months solid. He then became really supportive as i put it in a situation he could relate to. Its really not very nice and i still get the ikky nausea feeling most days although im starting to see less of the toilet bowl now at 15weeks, this has only been the last few days. I know it seems like a neverending thing right now but it will eventually get better and when it does go away, ull have a new lease of life :) xxx

Yep sounds normal u actually feel ill is Horrible like u have an illness. .. some people get better at 12 weeks when the placenta takes over but some don't and have sickness all the way thru. .. that's why they say u start blooming in the 2nd trimester. ...u feel sooooo much better well some of us women do hopefully ur be one of the lucky ones.... and men arrrggghhh is all I can say is love them to carry a baby. .. have u seen the you tube video about men experiencing labour pains they couldn't handle it... it was so funny they should make all men do it :)

I saw that! It was great. My boyfriend was saying he'd love to try it. I think a lot of men would actually like to be able to carry a baby and give birth.....would give em something else to get attention over haha!

haha! men cry death over a case of the sniffles, let alone labour pains....we'd never hear the end of it :P

I'm with you, 6-7 weeks now and cant keep my eyes open. 9 hours straight last night and although it's only 8pm I think I might nod off now :)

Totally normal. I know, it's incredible, isn't it? You can't believe that other people have gone through this and felt this awful! I'm still being sick at 16 and a half weeks, but I've heard it eases off for a lot of people before this time. I've learnt to eat what I fancy, when I can - I go through phases, then can't face that food again for a bit. Small amounts help - dish up a tiny plate of food and then have seconds if you feel like it. Luckily the "narcoleptic" phase does seem to have eased off a bit now, although I still feel awful if I do too much. Your body is telling you that you need to rest. A lot! Good luck - I hope you feel better soon! Just remember, it's all a good sign that the baby is alright and growing.

Welcome to pregnancy lol I had this til 24 weeks & was being sick Aswell, the tiredness eased for awhile but only about 8 weeks then came back. Try and eat carbs little & often & sip on water or dilute. As sick as you feel the less in your stomach the worse it is. Good luck, it will be worth it x

I had exactly the same thing. I'm now nearly 14 weeks and not falling asleep on the sofa in the afternoon anymore, but still crashing out in the evening. The feeling sick eased off for me round 9-10 weeks. x

Its normal, it was quite a shock for me as you have no control over the tiredness and is worse when your'e working...I don't know I managed with the tiredness and work. It'll get better from wk 12 on wards, you'll still be tired but it wont be bad as the first trimester.

Keep positive x

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