No longer Schrodinger's baby!

So the 20 week ultrasound solved the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics as applied to the sex of babies: now we can conclusively say that the little ripper is a little girl!!!! I was so insanely happy and elated to find out she is OK, that as soon as I left the hospital I did a little dance of joy. Also knowing it is a little girl makes it so much more real :-)

I've been surprised with myself, how emotional I have become. I guess I have to blame it on oxytocin, the love hormone. It kind of made me super happy (the best stoner ever!) and wanting to share the news with everybody. The pinnacle of the day: during ultrasound we got a glimpse of her chugging down amniotic fluid. Her dad's response: "Ah! She is preparing for life in UK". I hope she has inherited his deadpan humour!

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haha loving that you did a little dance cos I did too! I had the sonographer write the sex down and put it in an envelope as I wanted my husband to know before my sister who accompanied me (he's currently in afghan) so when I was in the privacy of my house I opened it up and jumped up and down with happiness :) (we are having a girl too)

Congratulations :D x


owww...I hope baby daddy makes it back from Afghanistan soon. Enjoy your little girl :-)


Congratulations! I can't wait til my monster makes an appearance so I can find out whether I'll be pink or blue shopping next after all the white, yellow and green I've amassed lol :-)


Ah lovely congratulations xxx


yay! congratulations :) xx


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