Baby almost due but feeling blue

Hi to all the Mums to Be and Bumps. I've been following this site on and off during my pregnancy but never really thought to post anything before. I'm now 38+2 and getting ready to meet my baby girl or boy.

Have been busy in the last few weeks preparing but just this weekend the nursery is finally finished, my pram/car seat are ready, the baby clothes are all washed, we've been to antenatal classes and a baby care class - so why do I suddenly feel so blue?

I can't help but think about the many women who aren't fortunate to come home from hospital with a bouncing, healthy baby and get tearful every time I look at the pram or nursery thinking of what could happen.

Hoping these feelings will pass with an early night and getting some rest - anyone had similar feelings?

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Ah hun its probably a bit of anxiety cos ur getting closer the whole process is scary I think. .. every every step of the way there is something to worry about but u have to try to be positive and block the sad thoughts out if u can. .. anytime now ur be holding that baby in ur arms. .. I've been thinking about maybe having a section cos I'm a bit scared for some reason. ..never felt like it with my other births is weird..I think I've had safe deliveries does my chances of another safe birth diminish... silly but can't help it I've been the most anxious in this pregnancy so ur not alone. .. can't wait to hear what u have. .. all the best xx


Hi, I think this is just normal anxiety to have as you get closer to giving birth. Im 33 weeks and I have been having the same feelings. But try and just think positively and not to worry, whatever will be, will be as they say. Good luck x


Hi there, approaching change brings a certain amount of uncertainty with it and as birth is a monumental life change I'm not surprised that after all the busy preparation for your new arrival you are having a few 'what if' moments. In real terms of all the babies born each year the majority enter this world safely and are perfectly healthy so try to hold on to that thought. While nothing in life is truly certain, trying to focus on the positive aspects of what you want to happen/achieve will help you begin to feel better and also help to bring that reality closer.

From time to time I take a moment to 'think' to my baby and let them know how much I'm looking forward to meeting them, and being 'Mum' for the 3rd time and it helps me remain positive. The last few weeks are a special time for you to relax, trust in your body and find comfort so be extra kind to yourself, baby will arrive soon enough when its ready. Best of luck, I hope this helps :)


its a natural feeling , instead of thinking of the bad things, think of the many many women that do go home with bouncing healthy babies , its something that is allways in the back of ur mind don't get me wrong, but if we all let them thoughts rule our head the world would b a very dark place . some women don't get this far due 2 miscarriage not conceiving etc.. but u have and as a general rule the good far exceeds the bad experience .

when I had my son a woman was put on the ward with out a baby and my heart broke for her , I just left some mags 4 her I had read and let her know I was there if she wanted a chat but couldn't help feel guilty I had my baby, well we spoke properly the next day her baby was in the special baby unit as he was very prem because of placenta perevia she also had a section as did I due to baby distress in labour so that was a bond , she had 2 other sons and they had been natural so wasn't used to a section recovery and was asking me advice, her baby was an extreamy good weight for the term he was and was doing well when I left hospital but I still wonder 2 this day the outcome , I just presume it was good : )

all the best


Thanks for all your support ladies. After suffering a previous miscarriage I have managed to stay quite calm and stress free during this pregnancy so my feelings really took me by surprise!

I think I may have been over doing things in the last week or so and after having a quiet day yesterday and an early night things look different today.

I agree with your advice that throughout our pregnancies (and after babies are born) there will always be something to be anxious about if we let ourselves.

Lots of positive thinking and relaxation from here onwards until I meet my little one!

Thanks again, good luck with your pregnancies!


I am so glad someone else is feeling like this, I could have written this post myself. . I woke up very early this morning (about 3) and had all the same feelings. I am 38+2 now and waiting desperately for something to happen.

As the day has gone on the nasty worries have gone and now feeling much more happy. I think it's us overdoing it, not sleeping and generally panicking. Even if subconsciously.

I'm sure all will be fine. Good luck and enjoy baby when they gat here. Xx


I think when you're pregnant it's such a long time that we care for our bumps that when the time draws nearer it can be quite overwhelming.

I think more rest is definitely the right thing as I feel much better already.

I'm definitely hoping that my little one arrives sooner rather than later - good luck with your baby, look forward to hearing your news!


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