What are the chances of pregnancy

Hi I already have two children but I was wondering me and my husband had sex half way through the month and again about 4 days ago. Normally for about a week before I come on I get so bloated I look 5 months pregnant have cramping and get mood swings. I'm due on literally any day yet I'm a little moody but not a single cramp and not bloated in the slightest. I never get other things like sore boob back ache etc regardless if pregnant or not. what do you think?

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  • Only one way to find out: a pregnancy test

  • :) I know I can't afford one till next week and can't get in my docs. Just thought it was odd I've not had my normal symptoms

  • I spent a long time trying for my first, and like u, i experience cramping and bloating days before i come on, but that was my give away, no bloating or cramping in the slightest. But there's only one way to know for sure. :) good luck x

  • Managed to get some money and did a test. It was positive

  • Congratulations!!! :D x

  • Thank you. I'm quite surprised I thought maybe I was just a bit over excited and thought there was something. Eyes shot out of my head when I saw two lines. Still don't think I'm even due on yet.

  • Lucky u on the early positive result! At least u know now and don't need to stress about it. Again, congratulations :D

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