Implantation bleeding?

Hi, can anyone tell me if they have ever had implantation bleeding and if so how long it has lasted? I have just had a 5 day episode of brown spotting (sorry for info) and not sure if implantation bleed. I did a test during this and was negative however it was 28 days from lmp when i tested which was 4th day of the spotting although I am usually 28-35 days between periods.

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Hi there, it might be worth having another blood test on day 35 of your cycle just to make sure. In my case I had bleeding for two weeks from week 5 to week 7 of pregnancy, although I don't think this would be classified as implantation bleeding which is supposed to last a couple of days. Saying that spotting brown blood in early pregnancy for a period of time is quite common.


Thanks. Will take another hpt this week then see dr early nxt if no signs of actual period coming!


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