32+3 weeks.....Labour has started

hello. well eventful week. Wednesday i went in to day unit with contractions. rushed to labour ward and they tried to slow labour. by saturday 1pm they had told me they managed to slow preterm labour and i was being discharged. i left the hospital being violently sick and telling them my contractions were worse.

well..... few hours later at 2am i woke to horrific pains. couldnt get hold of maternity ward or hospital as lines were down. so at 4.45am i decided to make my way in as i couldnt stand it any more. 5am i was rushed to labour ward and the registrar told me he could try stopping the labour again...... bit pointless really. i know my body and he was coming. by 6.56am baby Charlie was born. 7 weeks early. weighing just 4lbs. still in shock.


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9 Replies

  • Congratulations! Similar thing happened to my partner in crime from antenatal yoga - her waters broke at 30 weeks and she had her little boy at 31 weeks. He's beautiful, been hope for almost 4 weeks now :-)

    Enjoy getting to know your LO XXX

  • wow, congratulations and welcome to the world baby Charlie

    x x x

  • Congratulations! What a shocker! I hope you're both doing well and he's putting lots of weight on. Enjoy your tiny little dot :-) x

  • Wow congratulations hun. Enjoy your boy :-) xx

  • Wow been thinking how u been getting on.....bet u are...hope ur getting ur head around it now and all is well with both of u big congratulations xxx

  • Wow! Congratulations dear! Am so happy for u right now.

  • WOW congratulations....didn't see that coming eh, I'm 32+5 so we 'were' very close date wise.

    Hope Charlie is doing well and that your both getting lots of support at the hospital.

    Take care xx

  • Awww - a weenie one! My best mate gave birth at 35 weeks, to a little boy 4 pounds 4. He's now a bouncing 11 pounder and a cutie to boot. I hope everything goes very well for you both

  • Wow congratulations:-)

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