Great NHS Ward - Darlington

I fell coming out of my mum's house this afternoon (28 weeks Rhesus Neg...) and so spent the afternoon being monitored at Darlington memorial, being a bit shocked and wobbly. Everything is fine, monitor, scan all looks good (got to see a little face peeping!) and have to nip back later for a second round of monitoring and Anti-D injection. Just wanted to say how fantastic the midwife, Linda, was. Calm, clear and comforting. Top notch work Darlington memorial.

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Do you know what, it's all too easy to complain about bad service but not enough people praise for good service. Glad to hear of your experience.

I too am RH Neg and I've become really paranoid when surrounded by people. I'm so protective of my little bump so if anyone comes too close, I'm almost paralysed with fear of them knocking into me! I'm such a clumsy person as it is, I think I should wrap myself in wads of cotton wool or, better still, bubble wrap lol

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x


You too. Don't worry too much bout the rhesus either - easily sortable!


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