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Other signs before contractions and labour


I'm just wondering what other signs people have experienced before they got to contraction or labour stage. I mean things like ur mood changing, did u feel extreme tiredness, did u just feel icky. It's the smaller signs I'm wondering if there are any or does it go wham straight into contractions and pain. I have 10 days to go and extremely anxious.

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Am 40+2 and am just feeling frustrated so yes am very moody am tired am nesting a lot but not sure if that's the sign of labour but it should be happening anytime now just relax though and enjoy the last days of carrying your baby.x

PJ2013 in reply to Hidden

I know I should enjoy some quiet time ha!

Hi hun I didn't have any signs with my babies just contractions started randomly and got closer and more painful. Diarrhea is said to be a sign, your body clearing itself out. Completely normal to feel anxious about the unknown but remember it's what we are built to do hun and stay focused on the end result :-D xxx

I'm just worried that I'm going to be out and about and something start. I'm hoping that I'll just get a feeling that I shouldn't be out that day so I'm at home

Aww I know but im sure all will be fine x all 3 of mine it started with just intense braxtons then developed into more regular and.painful and happened during the night. I think when you are close you do get the need to be close to home. Labour is usually quite slow to begin with so even if you are out and about you should have plenty of time to get home xxx

Thank u for replying. Yeah being in pain and being out and about doesn't appeal ha!

Hehe nooooo I wouldnt fancy that lol. I was dreading my waters going om the school run but mine were the last thing to happen lol. Good luck.not long now xx

Hi there. For me lower back ache was the prelude to both labours, however birth wasn't something that I dreaded or feared. In actual fact I made sure that in the days before both my sons were born I was as relaxed as possible, as the days passed I just thought 'maybe tomorrow'.

1st I was over dates (+13) booked in for induction to find I was 5cm dilated already. 2nd (+8 days) had a sweep at 3 in the afternoon, had to drive eldest to A&E at 11.30pm because he broke his arm falling out of a bunk bed. On return from A&E (having left son on a ward for an op the following day) had regular contractions 7 min apart from 1.30 am, got to maternity unit at 2am, was examined 7cm dilated baby born at 4.18 am (water birth). And No 3? well who knows!!

My point is that rather than be anxious about what will come to pass, try to keep mildly active and relaxed because you will fair better than if you are tense. In real terms after all this time carrying your baby the birth process is relatively short and by keeping that in perspective you'll be in a better place to deal with what comes next. As already mentioned birth is what women's bodies are made to do so treat each day between then and now as a spa day just for you! Good luck :)

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