Slight concern and in alot of pain

Firstly im concerned about my baby. I went for my 20 week scan today and they said due to baby laying so awkward we cant get the heart image's so come back next week is this usual and should I stop worrying.

Secondly ive got a wierd stabbing aching sensation in my back on one side and inline with where baby seems to be laying. Should i be worried or just wait a few days its been causing pain for a few days now and slowly getting worse. Any advice would be great

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  • Don't panic. Did they not ask you to go for a 30 min walk and then come back for another scan? That's what they usually do when they want the baby to move in the position they need

  • I did the walking, and emptied bladder but still no luck. I suppose they wont of sent me home unless they weren't happy

  • I did the walking, and emptied bladder but still no luck. I suppose they wont of sent me home unless they weren't happy

  • Don't worry the same thing happened me, although they couldn't see the heart right they knew it was beating fine & the blood flow was all fine so they just needed me to come back cos of the way the baby was laying & when I did it was all perfect & a great chance 2 see ur little one again. With regards to the pain it is prob just stretching pains but if it is getting worse or is stabbing pain why not ring out of hours doc & see what they say, I'm sure they will put ur mind at rest & u can relax for the weekend then.

  • The pain could be pelvic girdle pain (pgp) nothing scary at all- search on nhs it has good description and you can see if symptoms match.

    Your lucky u got another scan our little one was had his back and bum facing us during the 20week scan and we didn't get offered another. Again dont think it is anything to worry about, little one was obviously comfy!! :-)

  • Thanks for the advice

  • The next scan will go better. I heard from my colleague who is due 1st July that her 20 weeks scan was the same and they had to come back another day. If the pain in the back is really something that bothers you I would give the hospital a call and tell them. That's what the emergency number is for in your book. Maybe it's the baby kicking you? Anyway try not to worry too much. All the best

  • Thanks for the advice

  • The baby might be lying on a nerve which is causing the pain. You should get a doppler they are ace for listening to the baby. I panicked about the baby as I never felt it move till about 20 weeks and it is my 3rd. I listen every day to the doppler.

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