little monster is healthy

hey every one! i just wanted to share that baby is doing great and i went to the docs yesterday and she said that everything is doing great and im healthy and so is baby :) she also said as long as i dont pop out a 9 pound baby there will be no complications giving birth :D i got to listen to the babys heart beat and it was 150 beats per min and i honestly almost started to cry when i heard it :) and with each passing day ive realized im getting calmer and more tired haha, hope every one is doing good. have a great day!

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Is Horrible how anxious we get. .. then u worry about them for the rest of ur life.. but that's a mums job :) glad ur feeling good and happy xx


Great news, it is such a relief to be given the all clear x


Will they scan you nearer your due date to see if you are carrying a big baby and give you a C-section if you are?

My 2nd baby was nearly 9lbs and I have got to have a scan at 36w to see how big the baby is and if it is looking like it is going to be over 8lbs then I have got to have a C-section.


i believe they will, i go in again in a couple weeks to talk about another scan and how i should cut back on working :/ the doctor was worried that ive been pushing myself to far when it comes to work and to get told again to get on a regular schedule which im having a hard time doing because of work. im just happy everything is going good and my baby is healthy :) i was so scared there would be something wrong but there isnt and im just happy about that for the moment, baby is what gets me through most of my days now. hope everyone is good with everyone. :)


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