Prize Day... Sunday!!

40+2 weeks.. had my due date app yesterday, high bp, so was monitored for a bit.

Got a sweep and was 2-3 cm dialated :) spent all night in agony, slept today and pain eased :( still getting painful contractions but not regular.. booked in on Sunday to be induced so fingers crossed I will have my wee man in my arms some time on Sunday :) sooooo excited!

Hope everyone is well xxooxx

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  • Oooo I hope you go before sunday! Saturday morning be nice lol :-D good luck with labour and the birth and the first snuggles xxx get on that birthing ball! Xx

  • Oooooooh yes! its so exciting, sounds as if you wont need to be induced though as you've been getting regular contractions.

    good luck :-) :-) :-)

  • How exciting :-) good luck xxx

  • Good luck! Hope all goes well and exciting stuff, you could be holding your son this time tomorrow! Wow! X

  • wow! so exciting, wish you all the best xx.

  • Can't beleive they are gonna wait till Sunday if you are dilated or are they just hoping you will dilate by yourself, bet it is torture for you.

    Get walking up and down those stairs.

  • thanks everyone :) really appreciate all your support :)

    yeah they are hoping i go by myself, but Sunday is the cut off point, was in last night again as had a lot of green discharge (sorry tmi) after sweep but all was ok, consultant said his head was well down and a nice wee drive on a bumpy road could do the trick :) fingers crossed lol :) xoxox

  • Oo whoop so excited for you :-) get bouncing on that ball if you have one... Eek good luck Hunni xx

  • Aw thank you :) have a ball and will be bouncing :) gonna take a loooong walk now :) xxoo

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