Update on big baby! :-)

So had my hospital appointment today and saw the Doctor. She had a feel of baby/bump, a listen and checked me. She charts bump at the same size but was not really concerned. She felt bubs was maybe a little big, but a healthy size, she didnt feel there was any excess fluid either. So we didn't end up having another scan. BUT best news was that she said we are low risk again so that means we can go on birth suite and pool birth!!! Yay!! We celebrated with a little family maternity photoshoot! Only 3 and a bit weeks left :-D x


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7 Replies

  • Oh Great Bet ur a happy mummy today xx

  • Thats great news. Enjoy yr water birth! ! I was booked to have one with my third but he had other ideas and didnt want to wait for it to fill up! Look forward to reading yr baby news when he/she comes along :-) xx

  • Woo hoo!

    I'm hoping for a water birth too :-)


  • :)

  • Happy days x

  • please to here you can go ahead with birthing pool. i find out today from consultant when im being induced. so hopefully i will still be able to have a water birth. :( its all i think about having xx

  • ahh yay!! I am hoping for a water birth too, its amazing when it all comes together in the end isn't it. hope the next few weeks fly by xx

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