Im 38 weeks today... Cant sleep... Cant Eat.... Cant Relax... Cant do much of anything !!!! This is 2nd baby for me... :) I keep having pains that last a few hours but thats about it.No show! No waters Breaking! NO NOTHING!! I SOOOOO Want this to be over with now. :( Any advice to get things moving along??? And do you think that my midwife will keep me a sweep @ our next appointment if i ask??? (Appointment on Thursday 20th)

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  • Sex sex and some more sex well it worked for me plus a sweep x

  • Tried :( Going to be asking for a sweep on Thursday.... :S Fingers crossed she says YES!


  • Oh-bless you, I can sympathise with you a little as im only 19wks but as evening time dawns i cant sleep, im not eating as much as i feel exhausted due to not getting enough sleep & when i do try to sleep i get this sharp / shooting pain in one side of my ribs (depending on the side im lying on)

    Im not sure if this is a sign the baby could be a Lil big for gestation of pregnancy but im just getting so fed up with it now as its making me all grumpy :-(

    My next app is also on Thursday 20th, so lots of information will be revealed then

    I guess you haven't got long to go now lets hope he / she is not over-due.

    Just out of interest do you know the gender of the baby or have you decided to wait?

    I'll be finding out at my appointment on thursday :-)

  • Hey! I know that rib pain!!! And it was all down to his position... :( And im afraid it doesnt get any better :( I still get it now :( .....

    We found out @ our scan that we where having another boy (mainly due to the fact we couldnt agree on any names!!!)

    The main thing thats been getting to me the past few days is the chronic Heartburn & indigestion pain ... It never seems to go :( And have tried everything.... :(

    Getting fed up now :(

  • Am 34.3 weeks gone with my 2nd and am the same am so impatient and want my baby now.

  • Same here.. I'm 39+4 weeks and so ready for this baby.. taking evening primrose oil tablets, had pineapple for breakfast and a curry for dinner.. trying to bounce on my birthing ball now and ill be trying to persuade my partner to have sex tonight even tho its the furthest thing from my mind lol.. iv tried everything :( baby is just to comfy in here.. xxx

  • Yeah I Know that feeling :) With my first son I had slow (being 3-4cm dilated) labour for 3 weeks before he was born... But at least i knew the pains were meaning full!!! these ones are just annoying! lol :)

  • Am 38 weeks can't wait too.doing little walks,bouncing on the ball no sex as patner drinks most evenings and I can't stand the smell of alcohol at the mo.just pelvic pain and bum pain every now and then am ready now to be honest.sick of people asking' how long?am not even 40weeks yet........

  • I'm same Hun 38.4 weeks been really uncomfortable hip pain has sprung on me, sex hasn't worked, last night got a few contractions and now nothing... No show no waters breaking either. I'm booked in on 25th for a sweep so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for then ideal timing for me with me other kids breaking up for summer :-) not. Long now Hun chin up we will get to see our baby's soonx

  • Hiya ladies, I am 39 +6! I already have predicted that Wriggler will be late (we don't know the sex). I saw the midwife last week and my hospital offers complimentary therapy to get the baby moving, hopefully reflexology etc, at my yoga class for the last few weeks they have kept saying still here then! Even though I wasn't due...which is why we haven't told anyone the due date! I tried to book in for the therapies and they have said that until I am overdue I can't, so I think it is interesting that you guys have managed to get booked in already. I think they also do a sweep at the same time....

    My mother was also late with me and consoles me with the fact that some countries believe that term is 41/42 weeks!

    As it is Father's Day today hedged by bets with a happy FD from bump and first Father's Day card! My husband loved the daddy to be card, wasn't quite sure how he would react but he was really touched. Really excited to meet Wriggler but have to say quite nervous about recognising labour and the actual giving birth bit! I guess that is normal for a first time.... Anyway not long now good luck ladies! Sorry this has turned into an essay! X

  • Hey! :) I was late with my first but only by 1 day so wasnt so bad... Really dont want to be late with this little one.... :( So uncomfy as it is... With my first I was able to walk & sleep & do all the normal stuff even when in slow labour... with this one I can barely sleep & eat... :(

    Seem to have found a way to sleep more then 4 hours at a time now tho.... HOT WATER BOTTLES!!!!


  • I'm only 33 weeks an I want my little lady out. I am also a little worried about her size as a recent scan showed she was measuring big an already weighs 5lbs ish .... My 1st was only 6 10 an she was a week late !!

    Willing this baby to come a little early. Hopefully before other one finishes school ... Would only be 2 weeks early .....

    Good luck everyone

  • Hey ladies!! just had my midwife appointment !! and she has confirmed that im 2-3 cm dilated!!! had my sweep :) Fingers crossed not long to go now :) XXXX

  • 40 weeks today and no sign yet. I find myself getting upset and dreading an induction as we lost our first at 5 and a half months and *that* induction for a still birth was awful, but though I find it almost impossible to sleep (what with the excruciating hip pain etc), and I find I'm getting upset and impatient, to drag myself back into a positive line I try and remember that at least this little one is healthy, and I've been pregnant for 10 long months already so another possible 2 weeks is nothing in the long scheme of things. Just try and keep things in perspective, as irritating advice as that is :)

  • claire88 im sorry to hear that.. fingers crossed that your little one comes soon :) x

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