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I've just reached the 20 week mark and wanted to ask if anyone else has got really bad gums at the moment? Every time I brush certain areas will bleed heavily! I can't seem to stem the flow at all! It's really annoying as I wake up with the taste of blood! I've tried Listerine zero after which seems to help reduce the bleed.

Does anyone else have other remedies? I went to the dentist about 3 week's ago so I know there's nothing wrong, just need to know I'm not the only one with this



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  • Corsodyl is the best one to use u can get the daily or the one u use for 2 weeks max....I would use the stronger one u will only need to use for a few days, i only have to use it for a couple of days and my bleeding stops, my dentist said it was ok to use, and make an app with the dentist just for a check up, some dentists do a free clean which will help oh and flossing is important even thou it makes your gums bleed x

  • Yes I had that real bad. Not that this is the right thing to do I never seeked medical advice. My baba is now 7wks old and my gums only bleed slightly now. Been meaning to go and check it out but with baba here now I haven't got the time. I wld recommend getting it checked though.

  • Hiya, yes it is really common when pregnant get Corsodyl. It is advertised in all the baby magazines. If it persists after you have used it then you need to go to the dentist and ask there advice.

  • yeh i had this for a bit but have since been to the dentist as its now free and since it hasn't been too bad to be honest, he mentioned corsodyl and said to use it.

  • Thanks ladies for the support :)

  • Pregnancy Gingivitis eh! I found that my bleeding was certainly worse with a manual toothbrush and massively reduced when using an electric Oral B, I discovered this after going away for a weekend and opting to leave my electric at home, big mistake. Cordysl mouth wash great too as mentioned by babymother x

  • Yes even my sister was going through the same problem and that was the time we decided to take her to our dentist to get the complete checkup done. The dentist said it is common to have dental problems during pregnancy but it is also necessary to take proper oral care to avoid further spreading of the dental problems. You can browse more about the clinic here;

  • I am so glad that I saw your post. I had receding gums for years and would suffer from sensitive teeth. My dentist told me that it happens in uncontrolled diabetes. Have you checked your diabetes level? I think yours may be due to the same reason. I took the periodontal treatment as suggested by my dentist and also he helped me to create a plan to manage the disease and also to reduce the impact of my oral and overall health.

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