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Hello you beauts, i'm 18 weeks now and i am just wondering when people first started feeling the baby move, kick, punch, the works...? In the mornings i think i can feel something, but i am just not sure... If that makes sense?! When i listen on the doppler, it's one active this sod, however just can't feel him/her yet...

Be great to hear your stories! xx

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  • I've felt this one around 16 weeks but this is my 6 I've got 5 boys and this ones a girl and she has a very fast heart beat lol but its amazing when they start kicking x

  • What's ur due date x

  • Morning! I'm due 8th Nov. You?

  • I'm due the 7th x

  • Valentines baby then! :)

  • Yeah she is x

  • Hi duppy, Im also just over 18wks & i think i can feel movements like stretching, and kicking mainly during the evening/ night.

    As this is my 2nd pregnancy i'm thinking this baby is alot more active as i didnt feel anything until about wk 23- 24 with my first.


  • Hiya Duppy,

    I'm 18+1 now and started to feel little flutters about a week ago. We've had 3 scans already (due to my cyst) and at the last one the little one was really active, dancing around, grabbing its feet and rolling over, so I think I've got a very active baby! It just feels like bubbles (that's the best way I can think to describe it) although with the flatulance I've had (I know, TMI) it probably was wind haha. In all seriousness though, you'll start to feel something soon, every baby's just different!


  • Hey Sara! Yep I'm exactly the same... How is your cyst by the way? Mine still kills me daily but I just try to think its all for the baby! I might have an op later down the line but right now, I want my baby to grow.

    I am sure I felt a massive bubble a couple of weeks ago, and it definitely wasn't flatulence, even though that's ver much a symptom! ;)

  • My cyst had halved in size and is no bother at all now which is great news, although I was rather enjoying the regular scans to keep an eye on Peanut! I don't want my 20 week scan to be the last :( Fingers crossed yours decreases soon so you don't have to have the op. keep me posted with what happens x

  • I am 20 wks pregnant. And haven't feel any movement. Sometimes i think i feel flutters but can't be sure. Every pregnancy is different. Some women feel baby at 22 wks. I woudn't worry much as i know its my first so it might take some time. Usually women who have their 2nd or 3rd or any number of pregnsncy feels earlier. But with first timers its different. :)

  • I'm 25 weeks now. A good while ago, maybe 18 weeks I thought I could feel baby. Well, now i'm absolutely sure as there are no mistaking the huge kicks I get and my husband can feel them too with his hand on my tummy. So now I realise that the what I thought were kicks earlier on were definitely kicks but just much gentler then they are now. So any light flutters now probably are kicks and as they become stronger over time you will know that they are for sure. Lovely! X

  • hey, I am 27+1 and felt him move properly and on regular basis at about 21/22 weeks, and now its proper kicks and punches and I just lay there and watch my belly move. When I first started feeling him some days was strong, other days bit weaker and when asked my midwife she said, depends where he is laying or some days he might just be having a chilled out day so If u feel the baby move then maybe the next day not so much don't worry, as time has gone on he has got himself into a routine, similar to mine and is very active at night before bed and about 4/5am in morning. xx

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